The showdown between doctors and health insurance is getting tougher

Posted 3 Feb. 2023 at 11:53Updated Feb 3. 2023 at 02:17 PM

The negotiations between the liberal doctors and the Health Insurance enter the hard. This week, the organization proposed to increase the basic consultation of these professionals from 25 to 26.50 euros. What ruffle the unions.

The proposal is “insulting”, MG France trade unionist Jean-Christophe Nogrette tweeted. He also criticizes “gas plants to access higher prices”. The revaluation put on the table is a “provocation”, also reacted the SML union, calling, like MG France, for a mobilization of protest by doctors on February 14.

Tough negotiations

“This increase will only occur if the contractual negotiations are successful and if they make it possible to build a system that values […] the commitment of doctors who invest in favor of access to care for the population of their territory and encourages this commitment”, underlines for its part the Health Insurance.

It has been more than two months since the liberal doctors exchanged with the organization to renegotiate, by the end of February, the agreement which binds them to Social Security. The negotiations, supposed to be completed at the end of the month, are difficult at a time when hospitals are plagued by staff shortages and when nearly 600,000 patients suffering from chronic diseases are not followed by a doctor.

Often claiming to be overwhelmed and hampered by “administrative tasks”, liberal doctors are firmly waiting for fee increases. Some, with the collective “Doctors for tomorrow”, have demanded a doubling of the price of the basic consultation to 50 euros, while all the trade unions have led protest movements in recent weeks (strikes, demonstrations, etc.).

Employment contract

For their part, the public authorities have hinted that doctors would see their incomes increase and have refused to question the free installation of liberals, the totem of the profession. However, the government is counting on the future conditions of remuneration of the Liberals to encourage them to take care of more patients, to treat emergencies, to go for consultations in medical deserts or to train young professionals.

The Health Insurance therefore offered doctors to sign a “territorial commitment contract” giving the right to “significant advantages”. In other words, practitioners who accept, for example, to take care of patients, open their practices and make themselves available in the event of an epidemic period, could access “higher levels of consultation prices”.

Knowing that doctors also receive lump sum payments and that they can always benefit from specific aid. For example to hire a medical assistant.

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