The series of cheering songs for SEA Games 31

In addition to “Let’s shine”, the main song of the 31st SEA Games was written by Huy Tuan, and Nguyen Duc Cuong and Phan Dinh Tung had songs to cheer the sports day.

The song “Let’s shine” was recorded by Tung Duong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Van Mai Huong, Isaac, and Den Vau. Video: Huy Tuan Offical

Let’s Shine (Let’s Shine) shine) was chosen to perform at many important events, including the opening ceremony of the SEA Games. The song was composed by Huy Tuan at the beginning of the year, when the Vietnamese national football team participated in the World Cup qualifiers.

The song is remixed in a vibrant style, composed by Huy Tuan during the quarantine period because of the epidemic, inspiring the love of sports, the positive spirit of living to overcome difficulties and hardships to win. At the opening ceremony of the 2022 SEA Games, the song shows the goodwill of the host country, conveying the message of a strong and united Southeast Asia.

Sharing the same inspiration as a sports fan, especially football, musician Nguyen Duc Cuong wrote an article Journey of one faith, talking about the love for the athletes in the country. He invited Doan Van Hau to appear, using documentary images of some names such as Hoang Xuan Vinh, Anh Vien.

Nguyen Duc Cuong invites Doan Van Hau to play MV

Nguyen Duc Cuong himself performed the song “Journey of one faith” composed by him. Video: Characters provided

Many veteran artists like Tran Hieu, Quang Tho, Quoc Hung, Hong Lien… harmonize in the song Glorious day calling (musician Kien Ninh), with a message praising the beauty of sportsmanship. Singer Phan Dinh Tung sings Millions of hearts, talk about sharing fans for athletes.

Song 'Glorious Day Calling Name'

MV “Glorious Day Calling Your Name” by musician Kien Ninh. Video: Kien Ninh Production

Most of the songs have a bustling melody, exploiting EDM material, and the lyrics convey a lot of energy, in line with modern trends. Composer Nguyen Duc Cuong said: “I think the more songs that cheer the tournament, the better. Because that shows us all together. towards the golden star warriors, hope they have a strong fighting spirit in this congress.”

Phan Dinh Tung cheering song for Sea Games

The song “Millions of hearts” was composed by Vo Dinh Bao Anh. Video: Youtube Phan Dinh Tung

Some old songs are refreshed, blowing more modern spirit. Dan Truong sings again Support song, English-Vietnamese bilingual version, composed by Luong Bang Quang 20 years ago, with more investment in the arrangement. Former athlete Thuy Hien made MV Road to glory day (musician Tran Lap), with the rap part of Rica.

Thuy Hien releases MV 'Road to Glory'

MV “Road to Glory” (musician Tran Lap) by Thuy Hien. Video: Characters provided

Shown by Dan Truong "Support song"

MV lyric “Song of cheering” (composed by Luong Bang Quang). Video: YouTube Dan Truong singer official

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