The role of Spring in the movie ‘The taste of friendship’ was criticized

The character of Mrs. Xuan is too much for her daughter-in-law but gullible to outsiders, making the audience bored when watching the movie “Flavor of intimacy”.

After 103 episodes, the role of Quach Thu Phuong did not change psychologically. Despite going through many events, Ms. Xuan still behaves clumsy and emotional. When Nam (Phuong Oanh) returns to be a bride, Mrs. Xuan (Quoc Thu Phuong) holds a grudge against her despite Nam’s goodwill to improve the relationship. She scrutinized every action, often mocking her for being poor and ignorant. The character is also angry when he sees his mother-in-law – Mrs. Dan – close to her niece-in-law. To isolate Nam, Mrs. Xuan sided with her remaining daughter-in-law – Thy.

She had to deal with her family, but when she went out, Ms. Xuan was naive. In the trailer for episode 104, broadcast on the evening of September 13, the character resented being tricked by his best friend. Before that, because she wanted to prove herself not useless, she participated in a beauty contest for middle age, calling for charity to polish her name. The incident happened when she was cheated out of the donation.

Excerpt from episode 104 of the movie. Video: TVAD

On the film discussion group on Facebook, many people criticized the character’s personality. Audience Anh Thu said: “A middle-aged woman with children all married but can’t distinguish between good and bad, always thinking of herself as the center.” Thai Nhi audience commented: “Mrs. Xuan is always cocky to her husband and children, but is deceived by outsiders. Nam treats her mother-in-law sincerely but always suffers from resentment.” Hong Diem account commented: “The character has no progress, always thinks he is right, making viewers very bored”. The character has many nicknames showing innocence and frivolity such as “Spring – I’m not yet 18”, “Spring with a goldfish brain”…

The audience Ho Man commented that Xuan’s attitude to Nam was unreasonable, the screenwriter should reduce the situation where the mother-in-law insulted the daughter-in-law. “After so many things, is it easy for Nam to just ignore it and pretend that nothing has happened. In real life, unmarried girls who meet their lover’s mother like that have already stayed away,” Man Man said. Write.

Quach Thu Phuong put on makeup and dressed flamboyantly when playing Xuan.  Photo: VFC

Quach Thu Phuong put on makeup and dressed flamboyantly when playing Xuan. Photo: VFC

Quach Thu Phuong explained that the character got married at a young age, stayed at home, and did not have many relationships and life experiences, so his personality was bland and childish. According to the actor, in addition to her bad habits, Ms. Xuan has many points that deserve sympathy. She always felt self-deprecating because she had the reputation of “clinging”. Disagreeing with her husband and children, she feels lonely and lost in her own house. At the climax, Mrs. Xuan was slapped by Mr. Khang in front of her mother-in-law and children. When filming, Quach Thu Phuong cried many times because she loved her character. She said she did not mind the offensive comments of many viewers.

The taste of friendship is expected to be 120 episodes long, airing from Monday to Friday every week. The film, written by Khanh Ha, Cam Hang, Dan Phuong and directed by Danh Dung, conveys a message about family affection and selflessness in life. The film revolves around Nam – a girl whose biological father is in prison, growing up with her adoptive parents’ family from a young age. The resentments of Nam’s biological father – Mr. Sinh – create many complicated relationships that threaten her life. The film attracts thanks to the acting of the cast including artists Nhu Quynh (Mrs. Dan), Vo Hoai Nam (Mr. Sinh), Tu Oanh (Mrs. Bich), Phuong Oanh (Nam), Manh Truong (Long), Thu Quynh (Mrs. Thy)…

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