The “repentants” of the fake health pass now welcome in vaccination centers

One more step in favor of “repented”. Holders of a fake health pass can now go to a vaccination center to regularize their situation, without fear of being prosecuted.

In a document distributed Monday, February 14 to all health professionals, the Directorate General for Health (DGS) calls on those responsible for vaccination centers to welcome all holders of a fake health pass, including those who have it. for more than thirty days, the legal deadline for regularizing his situation. The controller will not be required to “control the thirty-day period” or to inform law enforcement », Explains the DGS.

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According to the law “strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis”, adopted on January 16, the holder of a vaccination pass has thirty days to be vaccinated without fear of criminal prosecution. After this period, the holders of a false pass can be prosecuted and incur “ three years in prison and a €45,000 fine”.

Thirty day period

To fight against the trafficking of false health passes, the government had been working since December on the establishment of a ” repentance system ». “Someone should not be prevented from getting vaccinated because they already have a fake pass,” said the Minister of Health and Solidarity, Olivier Véran, who had called “show humanity”.

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Questioned at the microphone of France info on December 16, the president of the union of the French Union for a free medicine, Jérôme Marty, had welcomed the initiative.This is the right approach. Reach out, open arms, welcome”he explained, making a distinction between the case of counterfeiters and those “ who have gone astray”.


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