The reduction in self-employed charges soon to begin

Posted Dec 1 2022 at 6:00 PMUpdated 1 Dec. 2022 at 18:33

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise in favor of the independents will soon take shape. This was announced by the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, this Thursday, on RTL. “Yesterday I signed the decree which will allow the self-employed – 1.6 million self-employed – to benefit from a permanent reduction in charges”, he declared.

Concretely, the contribution relief measure, which affects the self-employed, traders, craftsmen and farmers, will represent an average gain of 200 euros per year, and up to 550 euros for the most modest whose incomes are equivalent to the minimum wage.


The schedule provides for an entry into force “from the end of the year” for farmers and at the beginning of next year for the other categories, specified the tenant of Bercy. “We allow our economy to hold on, we allow our businesses to continue to hire,” he boasted, repeating the government’s mantra: “No tax increase. »

This measure, which will cost the State 500 million euros in 2023, has two objectives. That of enhancing purchasing power amputated by soaring prices this year, but also of “strengthening the convergence between the contributory effort of self-employed workers and that of employees for the acquisition of the same rights”, specified the presentation of the reasons for the text presented last July.

Asked, Bercy clarified to “Echos” that the same boost will apply to self-employed entrepreneurs, which leads to the figure of 2.2 million beneficiaries announced during the presentation of the “purchasing power” package six years ago. month.

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