The owners’ rant against the new DPE

Barely launched, already criticized. The new Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE), which entered into force on July 1, 2021, has come under the wrath of owners and real estate professionals who anticipate a “degradation of the energy rankings of the French housing stock“. “The number of units F and G (most energy-intensive homes), the first to be impacted by the obligations resulting from the Climate and Resilience Act, is almost doubling», Says Jean-Marc Torrollion, president of the National Real Estate Federation (Fnaim).

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With the reform of the DPE, thermal strainers are actually between 7 and 8 million, according to Fnaim, the National Union of Real Estate Owners (Unpi) and Plurience (the 13 biggest players in real estate transactions and management). Far from the 4.8 million identified in September 2020 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Yet, according to the government, only 800,000 once-well-classified homes should be downgraded to heat sieve status and as many should come out. To ultimately have a zero-sum game.

This is not at all what we see on the ground», Alarms Jean-Marc Torrollion. “The atmosphere is tense among the co-owners, says Christophe Demerson, president of Unpi. The prices of materials increase because of the shortage, the banks are slowing down, the works are struggling to get started, the schedule is impossible to keep. We have 7 years to renovate half of the private park“. The Ministry of Housing, which will be able “within a few weeks of sharing reliable data“On its real impact, defends its new DPE,”more reliable and more complete”Which is no longer based on energy bills, but on the characteristics of the building (quality of insulation, type of windows, heating system, etc.).

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Like the government, real estate professionals claim to want to push the French to do work and welcome, in this, the “success“From Ma Prime Rénov” for whom 500,000 files have been submitted since the deputy of the year, of which 430,000 have already been validated. But they feel that she is “insufficient to guarantee the completion of work that will improve the energy classification of the goods concerned. Large-scale work must be boosted in the short term. This represents a cost. ” The Prime Minister confirmed this week that an additional two billion euros – in addition to 2 billion in 2021 – will be injected in 2022 for this aid intended to renovate the homes of the French.

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Two tax developments

For 2021, 1.3 billion have already been consumed but this only represents just over 3,000 euros of aid per file. Very low compared to the average cost of an overall renovation, estimated at around 40,000 euros. And, with the credit crunch, more and more buyers may no longer be able to afford a renovated property. Enough to reduce the number of candidates for sellers who, for lack of resources, will increasingly have to resolve to sell their property. “Today, a buyer has more interest in acquiring a housing that has not been renovated, even if it means paying a higher energy bill and doing the work later rather than thinking of buying a renovated housing that cannot be financed because it is too expensive.», Analyzes Olivier Colcombet, president of the Optimhome real estate network.

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To remedy this tense situation, Unpi, Fnaim and Plurience are making two proposals to the government: on the one hand, to double the ceiling of land deficits attributable to income, if the amount of work is made up of 40% of energy works (in the collective and in the individual); on the other hand, widen the Denormandie in the old one to thermal strainers to prevent them leaving the rental stock. “The 2022 finance bill must immediately incorporate these tax changes to allow large-scale housing renovation.», Alert professionals and owners.

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