The new hiker tribe

Bulbs: four. Tick ​​bites: one. Beavers: five. Boars: two. Golden eagle: zero. Not bad for a start… Last summer, Céline, a 24-year-old Parisian starting her professional life in the fashion world, left alone to spend five days in the heart of the Cévennes National Park. From hut to hut, bag on your back, with “A small knife and a logbook”, it sank into the coniferous forest for five to seven hours a day, in the heart of the Tarn gorges and the Causses highlands.

“I sweated, I spat my lungs, I screamed into the void at the top of the cliffs… But I have never felt so free, so amazed by the beauty of the landscapes. To have undertaken this little journey, all alone, I admit I was very proud of myself ”, she says today. Same obsession with his girlfriend Clara, 26 years old. She initially wanted to go trekking in India, but her momentum was stopped by the Covid. Instead, she followed her father on the GR5, accompanying him on the first section of the famous long-distance hiking trail that crosses the Alps: 180 kilometers in 12 days.

“Walking, love it or hate it, there are no half measures. I, who practice yoga, love the link between steps and breathing, this feeling of letting go, of reconnecting with the elements. Putting one foot in front of the other revolutionizes the way we travel: we take the time to look at how far we have come ”, explains the young woman. Conquered, el

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