The new anti-poverty measures, not enough for associations

Boost to integration devices, mobility and housing aids: the Prime Minister detailed on Saturday new measures against poverty, in addition to the financial aid announced in recent days for the most precarious, the first victims of the health crisis and social.

The anti-poverty associations welcomed the announcements, while deeming them clearly insufficient. “This is only a first step, we must go further,” Pascal Brice, president of the Federation of Solidarity Actors (FAS), told AFP.

For Christophe Devys, who chairs the Alerte collective grouping together 35 national solidarity federations and associations, these measures are certainly “welcome”. But the government remains, according to him, camped on an “ideological position”, by refusing to increase the social minima, to prefer aid to integration through employment.

This revaluation, he stressed, is all the more necessary as the RSA now only reaches 39% of the minimum wage, against 50% in 1988, when the RMI was created (the ancestor of the RSA). The reaction of ATD Fourth World, member of the Alert collective, was even sharper, in the face of “band aid measures, disconnected from people’s lives”.

According to this association, the choices of the executive stem from a “contempt” and a “hackneyed logic consisting in opposing the” good poor “, to whom we would give a boost to help them find the market. jobs, and the “bad poor”, to whom we would distribute crumbs ”.


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