The movie ‘Bright night’ reveals a series of tragedies in the middle of a funeral

In “Brilliant Night” – a film starring Huynh Dong and Phuong Dung, the family is in chaos when someone comes to collect debt in the middle of the funeral.

Trailer “Brilliant Night” – scheduled to be released on April 8. Video: CGV

The trailer – released on the morning of March 16 – opens with the funeral scene of the grandfather of the main character Xuan Thanh (played by Nha Uyen), relatives reunited after many years apart. The incident happened when a group of strangers appeared, informed that Mr. Toan (Kien An) – a family member – would die if he didn’t pay off the debt before 6am tomorrow. The opening event for a series of tragedies each character has to endure, the frustrations that have long been revealed.

In early March, the film won two awards Best story (Excellent Story) and Best performance: female (Best Actress) for Nha Uyen at Santa Fe – an independent film festival in the US. American director Aaron Toronto – who lived in Vietnam for 16 years – studied the funeral customs of the South many years before making the film.

Aaron Toronto said he anticipates the fear of many Vietnamese audiences when a foreigner makes a film about local culture. He said: “Filmmakers who were born and raised in Vietnam already know their homeland’s customs and have plenty of experience, so they tell a more diverse story. I chose simple slices – this is my experience later. years living here. I want to express my feelings about Vietnamese culture, my wife and children”.

Brilliant Dark Night Poster.  Photo: Daylight

Poster “Brilliant Night”. Photo: Daylight

Aaron was inspired to make his debut after seeing the movie adaptation of the play Long Day’s Journey into night by Eugene O’Neill. The work is about a night in a family whose mother is addicted to painkillers. When members gather, relationships are deepened, exposed, leading to conflicts.

Aaron’s wife – actress Nha Uyen – plays the main character and screenwriter of the work. The film was filmed in a month in a house in Dong Nai, with the participation of actors: Kien An, Phuong Dung, Huynh Dong, Xuan Trang, Diem Phuong…

Aaron Toronto has lived in Vietnam since he was 16 years old, has supported the projects of directors Charlie Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van for many years… He has participated in many roles such as producing (I’m not 18 yet, Hunting), Writer (Tam Cam – The Untold Story), deputy director (Let’s worry about it later), montage (Cat Em)…

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