The million-dollar wardrobe of the wife of Asia’s richest billionaire

Nita Ambani – the wife of the richest man in Asia – owns a lipstick collection worth more than a billion dong and many unique brands.

Nita Ambani turned 58 on November 1. Born in 1963 in Mumbai (India), Nita is the wife of Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in Asia with a fortune of $102.1 billion. She is the President and Founder of the Reliance Foundation, Dhirubhai Ambani International School and the director of Reliance Industries. In addition, she is a teacher, an interior designer.

Nita Ambani performing at her son Akash’s wedding in 2019. Video: ET

Follow Vogue, Nita owns a wardrobe worth millions of dollars with high-end designs from the world’s most popular fashion houses. Nita collects rare, limited edition bags made from exotic animal skins. Follow India Times, her handbag collection outperforms most A-listers in terms of bag design and price tag.

Some samples of Hermes and Chanel handbags in Nita Ambani's wardrobe.  Photo: AFP, Reuters

Some samples of Hermes and Chanel handbags in Nita Ambani’s wardrobe. Photo: AFP, Reuters

Like other luxury hunters, Nita owns the world’s most expensive Hermès Himalayan Birkin for 360,000 USD (more than 8 billion VND), with more than 240 diamonds, 18 carat gold buckle. The bag is made of Nile crocodile skin (Egypt) – the largest African crocodile species, encrusted with diamonds and white gold. Subtle gradation design, simulating the snow-capped Himalayan peaks thanks to a special tanning technology.

In 2015, Nita drew attention when carrying a burgundy crocodile skin Birkin bag to Lakme Fashion Week. Medium-sized design with gold buckle, priced at 73,000 USD (1.6 billion VND). She teamed the bag with a matching shimmering jacket from Indian brand – Monisha Jaising – and diamond jewelry. In addition, she also has a beige, white and pink Birkin bag worth $ 65,000 (1.4 billion).

Besides Hermès, Nita loves many Chanel bags, Fendi’s mini Peekaboo bag at $6,000 (over VND 136 million), a blue Celine Nano bag with snakeskin motifs, a Ganesha clutch and Maharaja Elephant of the high fashion brand. Judith Leiber level, Goyard bag engraved with her name, Jimmy Choo Cosmo bag in red.

Nita Ambani loves to wear layered jewelry in big events.  Photo: Instagram Mickey Contractor

Nita Ambani loves to wear layered jewelry in big events. Photo: Instagram Mickey Contractor

Follow Asia Newsday, Nita never wears a pair of shoes more than twice. She often chooses elegant high heels from Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton. She pairs Western shoe styles with classics including sari, a traditional Indian dress, lehenga, an ankle-length skirt, and kurta, a collarless shirt worn in many parts of South Asia. Billionaire Ambani’s wife once wore a sari worth 53,000 USD (1.2 billion VND). Follow East Coast DailyDesigned by the silk company The Chennai Silks, designed to be the most expensive sari in the world, set with emeralds, rubies and pearls.

Nita loves diamond and pearl bracelets, often wearing them on occasions such as weddings and banquets. During the engagement of her son Akash in July 2018, she impressed with a diamond ring that simulates the rays of the sun. At her daughter Isha’s wedding in December of the same year, Nita Ambani wore a round and pear cut diamond necklace. Her lipstick is also custom-made to match her wardrobe. The lipstick collection costs more than 50,000 USD (1.1 billion VND) with a lipstick shell made of gold and silver.

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