The marriage of actor Sean Penn

Actor Sean Penn, 61, said he was cheated on many times but never lost faith in love.

Sean Penn was about to go through a third divorce when Leila George filed for court after 14 months of marriage. The actor married an actor 32 years younger in July 2020 after about four years of dating. George is the daughter of Vincent D’Onofrio, a colleague of Penn’s. The couple has not yet revealed the reason for their divorce.

Sean Penn (left) and his third wife Leila George. Photo: Pagesix

Dilettante I Am Sam has an illustrious career in Hollywood with two Oscars and dozens of blockbuster hits, but his private life is not smooth. Sean Penn’s first wife is “pop queen” Madonna, two years older than him. After seven months of dating, they got married in August 1985, coinciding with the singer’s 27th birthday. The star couple then co-starred in a romantic movie Shanghai Surprise (1986) directed by Jim Goddard. Madonna also recorded the album True Blue (1986) for her husband, whom she describes as “the most wonderful thing in the world”.

Just two years after getting married, Madonna filed for divorce. Follow Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Penn is jealous, once having a fight with musician David Wolinski when he saw him kiss Madonna. There are many rumors that Penn is domestic violence but the voice Like A Virgin negate. Madonna then withdrew the application before deciding to divorce in 1989. The two remained friends after breaking up.

Sean Penn (left) and Madonna remained friends after breaking up.  Photo: Marieclaire

Sean Penn (left) and Madonna. Photo: Marieclaire

In 1996, Sean Penn married a second time to American actor Robin Wright. They started dating shortly after Penn broke up with Madonna. A year before the wedding, Penn and Wright had emotional problems. The actor knew singer Jewel for a few months before reuniting with Wright. The star couple has two children – Dylan Frances (born in 1991) and Hopper Jack (1993).

They broke up in 2007, it took three years to complete the divorce process because of disputes over property division and child custody. In the end, the two reached an out-of-court settlement over the property. In the interview with Esquire In 2015, Penn hinted that he was tricked by Wright and himself a victim of a broken marriage.

Sean Penn and Robin Wright (left) when they were married.  Photo: TheThings

Sean Penn and Robin Wright when they were husband and wife. Photo: TheThings

In an interview with People In 2009, Wright described his marriage to Penn as a bad time. Wright said he tried to heal for the sake of his children but failed. The actor regrets that he once decided to stop acting in order to focus on taking care of his family. After the breakup, Wright became more active in acting and became one of the highest-paid actresses in the world in the mid-2010s.

In addition to three failed marriages, Sean Penn once proposed to actress Elizabeth McGovern, who co-starred in the movie Racing with the Moon (1984), but was rejected. He was also rumored to be engaged to Charlize Theron, but the South African star denied it, saying it was only dating.

The actor said in an interview with the magazine Esquire: “There is nothing to be ashamed of when we want to be loved by someone. I love so blindly that I have been cheated on many times… However, those mistakes did not stop me from looking for love.”

Sean Penn, born in 1960, won two Oscars for the film Mystic River(2003) and Milk (2008). The actor is famous for his crime movies through his works At Close Range (1986), State of Grace (1990) or Carlito’s Way (1993). In addition to acting, he also experimented as a director and producer.

Sean Penn received an Oscar for Milk (2008)

Sean Penn received the male lead Oscar for “Milk” (2008). Video: The Academy

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