The major renovation project of the Gare du Nord could be canceled

An explosion in costs and delays could jeopardize this ambitious project, which is supposed to strengthen the commercial side of the station.

Will the renovation of the Gare du Nord take place? The major renovation project that was to transform the station into a shopping center by 2024 is, according to information from RTL, compromised and could even be abandoned. No official decision has been announced at this stage, but in a press release, SNCF Gares Connexions has already indicated its “worry»In the face of the evolution of the transformation project file.

Following recent press reports, SNCF Gares & Connexions confirms that the situation has indeed changed significantly in recent weeks, writes SNCF Gares Connexions. In July 2021, the concessionaire informed SNCF Gares & Connexions of a slippage in the estimated cost of the works, bringing the overall cost of the project to more than 1.5 billion euros.“. The renovation project was initially expected to cost 600 million euros. In addition to this additional cost, the site should, according to the concessionaire, face delays that would not allow the station to be renovated for the expiry of the 2024 Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup.

SNCF Gares & Connexions reiterates its commitment to its objective as explained in detail during the initial call for tenders procedure, namely to make the renovated Gare du Nord a functional station capable of accommodating ever more visitors with improved comfort», Concludes the press release.

The busiest station in Europe with 700,000 travelers per year, the Gare du Nord had to prepare itself with these works to be increased in order to be able to accommodate 900,000 people annually by 2030. Green roof terrace of one hectare with a view of the Sacred – Heart, trail track, parking for 2000 bikes, a large transverse nave … The renovation project was particularly ambitious and was the subject of dissension throughout its development. The mayor of Paris had thus filed an appeal against the project in September 2020 after the State had issued the building permit. An agreement was finally reached in November, with a reduction in the size of the project.

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