The lifestyle of the ‘Hong Kong film tycoon’

Chau Trac Hoa – Hong Kong and Macau entertainment “boss” – has repeatedly become the focus of attention because of his love affair with actors and models.

On November 26, a court in Wenzhou, China approved the arrest of Zhou Zhuohua for allegedly opening an illegal casino in the mainland, authorities urged him to surrender. Follow CCTVOn the morning of November 27, Macau police took Chau Trac Hoa and related suspects to the station for investigation.

Chau Trac Hoa, 47 years old, with his wife – Tran Tue Linh – and youngest daughter in September. Photo: On

Follow Apple Daily, Chau Trac Hoa has repeatedly become the center of the entertainment industry because of his playful style, being called “a rich man”. On his 39th birthday, he covered three floors of an amusement park, hired dozens of security guards to ensure privacy. Dozens of girls, including models, only wore bikinis at the party.

Although she married Tran Tue Linh in 2002, Chau Trac Hoa dated many women. In 2014, he revealed his relationship with actor Tran Nha Luan, the love affair lasted for half a year. A month after breaking up, Chau Trac Hoa is often seen appearing with model Lieu Bich Le (Mandy Lieu), many times with her at parties, having intimate gestures with her.

Bach Lo Mi, a journalist who knows Tran Tue Linh, once revealed on Apple Daily Tue Linh knew that her husband was liberal but did not interfere much because she believed that no one could overthrow her position in the family. However, when her husband went back and forth with Lieu Bich Le, Tran Tue Linh was worried.

Chau Trac Hoa holds Lieu Bich Le's hand in Hong Kong in 2015. Photo: On

Chau Trac Hoa holds Lieu Bich Le’s hand in Hong Kong in 2015. Photo: On

From 2014 to early 2015, both Tran Tue Linh and Lieu Bich Le were pregnant, Chau Trac Hoa took her lover to England to live to avoid noise. On the one hand, he was with his wife, buying her a super car and real estate, on the other hand, he went to England to visit his lover.

At the end of 2015, Tran Tue Linh said that she signed a divorce application for Chau Trac Hoa because she could not bear the same situation with her husband. Follow On, she suffered when her husband welcomed Lieu Bich Le back to Hong Kong, publicly held the model’s hand, brought her home in front of the paparazzi’s lenses. Tran Tue Linh reminded her husband on his personal page: “In life, money can buy luxury goods, but can’t buy a heart that really cares for you.”

Chau Trac Hoa refused to divorce, said because he did not want to split the property and still had feelings for his wife. In 2019, Lieu Bich Le broke up with the billionaire, ending 5 years of market because of being “a mistress”. Chau Trac Hoa transferred the model number of assets worth 300 million HKD (38 million USD) to break up. The two keep in touch because they have three children together, two girls and one boy. Three children live with their mother, Chau Trac Hoa pays for their studies and regularly goes to England to visit their children.

Mady Lieu's beauty

Lieu Bich Le used to be a famous Hong Kong model, she gave up her career after dating a billionaire. Video: On

Chau Trac Hoa spent many years rolling to become a giant. He was born in Macau to an ordinary family, dropped out of school to work as a casino receptionist. Thanks to his wisdom, Chau Trac Hoa won the hearts of his bosses, took over important jobs, thereby having business relationships and developing his career.

Currently, he runs a casino in Macau and is a film producer, actor, and is known as an entertainment tycoon in Hong Kong and Macau. His net worth is more than a billion dollars. The businessman participated in the production of a series of hit works such as Poison Algae, Chasing Dragon, Ip Man 4, Slaughtering Lang: Greedy… Chau Trac Hoa plays a small role in Killing the Lang 2, The killer has not slept, The Wind Waves in Macau 3, Danger City, the Equator

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