The jade bowl of King Tu Duc costs 845,000 euros

ParisThe bowl of jade introduced by King Tu Duc reached 845,000 euros (VND 20.7 billion) in the Gazette Drouot auction.

Antiquities were introduced in the session “Collection of Mr. Nam Phuong – the last queen of Vietnam – Asian Fine Arts” by Gazette Drouot on June 17. Initially, the auction house predicted that the jade bowl would reach 30,000-50,000 euros (735 million-1.2 billion VND). In a live and online auction, after many bids, the work was bought by a collector for 845,000 euros (VND 20.7 billion).

The auction house wrote: “All attention and lust is focused on the special jade bowl, carved and bearing the seal of King Tu Duc (1848-1883)”.

The bowl is 14.5 cm in diameter, 6.2 cm high. Image: Gazette Drouot

Item information is briefly introduced on the Gazette Drouot website: The jade bowl has a diameter of 14.5 cm, a height of 6.2 cm, with a golden mouth. The bowl is made of jade, the body embossed with two dragons flying in the clouds looking for sacred jade. The outside of the bottom of the bowl has the seal “Tu Duc Nien created”.

According to researcher Tran Dinh Son, through materials, patterns and seals, it can be confirmed that the bowl is an antique from the reign of King Tu Duc. “The Nguyen Dynasty was very fond of jade. There are many treasures such as cups, bowls, tea pots … being kept in museums in the country all belong to that type of jade and have similar traces. However, I cannot I can’t imagine a bowl can reach that price,” he said.

Antiquities researcher Tran Duc Anh Son shared that some friends in France went to the auction house to see and evaluate the work. “Nguyen Dynasty antiques, any material, have recently been particularly interested by domestic and international collectors and traded at shockingly high prices. This is a good news for collectors who own antiques. objects of the Nguyen Dynasty”, the researcher said.

On the outside of the bottom of the bowl, there are four seals that clearly indicate the origin of the artifact.  Photo: Gazette Drouot

On the outside of the bottom of the bowl, there are four seals that clearly indicate the origin of the artifact. Image: Gazette Drouot

Previously, in October 2021, the Nguyen Dynasty mandarin hat reached a price of 600,000 euros (15.7 billion VND) in the match of the Balclis, Spain. At the same session, the Nguyen Dynasty costume was sold for 35,000 euros (VND 920 million).

In May 2017, the Rolex Reference 6062 – once belonged to King Bao Dai (1913-1997) – was sold for more than 5.06 million USD (about 115.1 billion VND) at the auction in Switzerland, setting a record It was the most expensive Rolex in the world at the time. In April 2015, the rickshaw of Empress Dowager Tu Minh (1855-1906) cost about 45,000 euros, including tax (1.5 billion VND at that time), and was purchased by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center. Successfully auctioned in France to bring back home, displayed at Hue Imperial Palace.

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