The hotels will be able to reopen their restaurants on May 19 “only for their customers”

Sanitary measures currently require hotel guests to eat in their rooms.

At the same time as the terraces reopen on May 19, hoteliers will be able to reopen their restaurants “only for their customers“, According to Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State in charge of Tourism.

At the same time as the terraces are reopened, it will be possible for hoteliers to provide catering for their clients and only their clients.“Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne said on BFMTV on Friday. Sanitary measures require hotel guests to eat in their rooms. “Breakfast, lunch and dinner“Can therefore be served again in the restaurant from May 19 and”to be served seated“, According to the Secretary of State. The reopening of hotel dining rooms was a regular request from professionals.

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Departures on vacation

We are heading towards a gradual return to normal“, Declared the Secretary of State who confirmed that the French will be able to go on vacation abroad this summer, highlighting the”health pass“. “The French, we have imposed enough constraints on them not to tell them how to go on vacation“, He said even if his preference goes towards a”summer blue-white-red“, in France.

International clientele

Conversely, he said he was ready from June 9 to receive foreign tourists in France. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne assures us that there are notably new bookings from American customers “for the late season, September-October“. “Good thing, we need to stretch this summer season because territories like the Côte d’Azur or Paris Île-de-France suffered from the absence of international customers last year and there is a catching-up effect. that it is essential to have“. “We must not let our guard down (…) let us still remain very vigilant and very careful, this is what will guarantee a good summer for everyone», He concluded.


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