The High Authority for Health in favor of vaccination by pharmacists and nurses

From May-June, vaccine doses will be available in quantity, estimates Dominique Le Guludec, president of the college of the High Authority of health (HAS). We therefore offer several levers to accelerate the vaccination campaign.. “

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While several tens of thousands of doses of AstraZeneca vaccine are already waiting in pharmacy fridges and the arrivals of vials will intensify – even more if the European Union approves a fourth product designed by Janssen – the High Authority for Health made public, Tuesday, March 2, its opinion to speed up vaccination against Covid.

Expanded vaccination for patients and prescribers

With more vaccines, France wishes to mobilize more arms, to prick and to prick. In addition to a new indication for the AstraZeneca product for people over 65 years of age suffering from comorbidities, the HAS is therefore opening up the possibility of injections by various healthcare professionals. Pharmacists, midwives and nurses will eventually be able to carry out the vaccination, whatever the type of product, including those with messenger RNA from Moderna and Pfizer.

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For the moment, the injection by the doctors, in center or in the office, remains all the same preferable “ given the still limited availability of vaccines ” and for ” continue to prioritize the people most at risk of severe forms ”. “It is always a question of targeting people who can take serious forms to reduce the pressure on the health system. », Recalled Dominique Le Guludec.

Intensify the use of mobile teams

However, HAS calls for caution: pharmacists and nurses should not directly vaccinate people suffering from pathologies or comorbidities without prior advice from their doctor.

On the possibility of mixing different types of vaccines, the recommendations remain unchanged: a priori, an elderly person vaccinated with an RNA vaccine, such as Pfizer or Moderna, cannot receive a second dose from the AstraZeneca product. Tests are however underway in the United Kingdom, and the opinion could evolve.

To reach out to people furthest from the health system, the HAS also wants to increase the number of places for vaccination. ” We must set up and step up mobile teams for precarious people and isolated elderly people, who cannot go to vaccination centers. », Hammered Dominique Le Guludec. Particular attention should be paid to the territorial distribution, both of vaccine doses, but also of patients.


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