The government will defend the maintenance of telework to the maximum before the social partners

A meeting is scheduled for Monday in Matignon while studies show an erosion of teleworking. The unions warn against the growing unease among employees.

100% teleworking must remain the norm with a possible exemption one day a week, however, if the employee so wishes. This is in essence the message that the government will send this Monday to the social partners, in the hope that the latter will send the information to the employees. Unions and employers have an appointment in Matignon to discuss the subject while studies show a relaxation in the practice of working at home.

According to a Harris Interactive survey for the Ministry of Labor, carried out among 2004 people from January 18 to 24, the share of employees exclusively face-to-face climbed to 58% against 52% in the previous survey carried out between the 2nd and the 8th. November. The proportion of employees working from home at 100% has fallen from 18% to 13%. Finally, 20% say they alternate telework and face-to-face versus 18% in November.

Another worrying fact for the government: among the employees indicating that they could telework “easily», Only 30% say they have stayed at home 100% against 45% in November. The share of face-to-face employees climbed to 36%, or 6 points more compared to the end of last year.

One day in a company authorized

It is this erosion of 100% teleworking that Matignon wants to curb. “In all companies where it is possible, the use of telework will be increased“, Declared Jean Castex during his speech on Friday. The modalities of this reinforcement will be at the heart of the consultation with the social partners.

The idea is to scrupulously enforce the rule, which came into force on January 7, which provides that only one day in the workplace is authorized. The government has already indicated that it will not reverse this measure. The part of the corporate health protocol on teleworking, updated Friday, has not been changed. It always indicates that “a face-to-face return is possible one day a week at most“When employees express the need,”with the agreement of their employer“.

The ill-being of teleworkers

Highlighting the growing unease of employees, the unions indicated that we should not go back on this point. “One day (in a company), that seems enough to me», Indicated the representative of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, during the Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI on Sunday. “We must at all costs maintain this airlock for one possible day per week. 100% teleworking is unbearable for many workers. It is a test. It takes a day where we can breathe“Laurent Berger told France Inter on Saturday. For his part, Yves Veyrier, from Force Ouvrière, pleads for “keep the current flexibility which is more bearable for employees“.

The survey published Friday by Harris Interactive confirms the malaise of teleworkers. Among those who teleworked at least partially at the end of January, 44% said they felt isolated (against 41% in November), 36% explained that teleworking increased their stress (+7 points) and 31% their anxiety (+1 point).


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