The government plans to expand the energy check

With the rise in gas, electricity and petrol prices, the executive wants to rebalance the purchasing power of the French.

The government plans to “to broaden“The energy check to support the purchasing power of the French eroded by the rise in energy prices, and Jean Castex will make announcements”in the coming days“Said his spokesperson Gabriel Attal on Wednesday.

The current situation, the increase in (energy) prices, leads us to work on this device and to see to what extent it is necessary to expand it so that it can concern more French people.», Indicated Gabriel Attal at the end of the Council of Ministers.

There has been a lot of work that has been carried out in recent days by the government and the Prime Minister will have the opportunity to make announcements on this subject in the days to come.“, he added. Nearly 5.5 million households are beneficiaries of the energy voucher. The amount allocated “ranges from around fifty euros to around 200 euros»According to Gabriel Attal. “The very sharp, sudden increase in energy prices“Affects the purchasing power of the French”whose income does not sufficiently cover these expenses“, He noted.


While Jean Castex is traveling Thursday in Ile-de-France on the theme of the device MaPrimeRenov ‘, Gabriel Attal argued that “the best way to have a falling energy bill is to be able to insulate your home“. Recalling the measures already taken to “increase the purchasing power of the middle classes“Since the start of the five-year term, he also spoke more broadly”additional measures” on which “the Prime Minister will have the opportunity to speak in the coming days“.

He clarified that the Minister of Labor “Élisabeth Borne will bring together the group of experts on the minimum wage at the end of the day“And will speak at the end of this meeting”to communicate details»The automatic revaluation of the minimum wage on October 1. Due to inflation, it should be 2.2%, or nearly 35 euros gross per month, according to AFP calculations.

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