The French vaccine campaign exceeds that of Italy and Germany, underlines Doctolib

Other European capitals, however, remain more advanced in the race to vaccinate their populations.

This is good news, which Doctolib is delighted with. In a message on twitter, the site on the front line in the vaccination campaign noted that the tricolor vaccination campaign was now more advanced than that of our Italian and German neighbors. A “proof of the dynamism of vaccination this summer in France“Greeted the medical appointment booking platform.

France, with 64.75% of its population vaccinated (at least one dose) has just overtaken Germany (61.84%) and Italy (64.68%) in terms of vaccination coverage», Writes Doctolib. But where do these numbers come from? The site is based on statistics from the Ministry of Health for French data, and on the games collected by Our world in data for other nations.

In fact, the French vaccine campaign has indeed benefited from a second wind since the speech by Emmanuel Macron and the announcement of the extension of the health pass, now in place, on July 12. A major rush for the niche followed the presidential speech, and injections have multiplied since. While around 170,000 first doses were injected daily in early July, this number has since jumped, surpassing the 360,000 mark at the end of the month, according to data from the Ministry of Health. It has since gradually declined, as the trough of August 15 approaches.

Be careful, however, not to claim victory too quickly: if this dynamic has allowed Paris to overtake Berlin and Rome, other European capitals are still much more advanced in the race to vaccinate their populations as quickly as possible. Still according to Our World in data, if we look at the percentage of the population having received at least one dose of vaccine on August 4, France is only in the top 10 in the European Union.

France is notably ahead of Denmark, Spain and Belgium, where more than seven out of ten people have received at least a first injection. The Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and Finland also have a more advanced pace. Conversely, Greece, Romania, Austria and Poland, as well as many Eastern European states, have a less glowing record.

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The French countryside more dynamic than among our European neighbors

Still, the current pace of the French countryside is particularly high: every day, a considerable number of doses are injected, while summer is synonymous with a slowdown in most of our European neighbors. The data, on this point, are once again eloquent: there is, for the moment, a “dynamism” French. One nuance, however, this pace should weaken, the appointments made on Doctolib for a first injection slowing down considerably in recent days, to the point of returning to the level observed before Emmanuel Macron’s speech, i.e. around 130,000 appointments. taken daily.

France is one of the countries injecting the most doses each day, at the beginning of August. Our World in data screenshot

The acceleration observed so far still pushes the executive to be confident about the achievement of its goal of 50 million individuals having received at least one dose of vaccine against Covid-19 by the end. of August. The extension confirmed by the Constitutional Council of the health pass should convince a certain number of reluctant individuals to take the plunge. “There are still seven million first injections to be performed in August to reach the goal“, Underlined, Tuesday, the Ministry of Health. In which case, at the start of the school year, “86% of the eligible population, Aged 12 and over, will have received at least one dose.

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