The French regain a taste for life insurance

After a difficult year marked by a strong outflow, life insurance has picked up some colors for several months.

Life insurance is picking up steam after a dark year. In January, the French for the first time since March 2020 invested significantly more money than they withdrew (+ 2 billion euros), putting life insurance back on the right track, after an outflow record (- € 6.5 billion in 2020) and subscriptions down 25% compared to 2019. This rebound “Confirms the life insurance recovery momentum that began several months ago”, judge Franck Le Vallois, Managing Director of the French Insurance Federation. The balance of subscriptions, in the bright red since last March, regained balance in the fall, to start again in the green in December (+ 550 million euros).

How to explain this return to grace? January is traditionally a good month for saving. The Livrets A were also full at the start of the year. But this does not explain everything. The French, who have accumulated a thick savings mattress since

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