The first carbon-negative wood concrete made in Isère



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It’s a small revolution in the construction world. In Isère, a company succeeded in producing the first “wood concrete”. An innovative and ecological material that caught the eye of the Lafarge group. #IlsOntLaSolution

It is made of a little cement and a lot of wood. 90% in total of crushed wood chips from Isère sawmills. Called “TimberRoc”, this new material was developed by a small company in Beaurepaire in Isère, after fifteen years of research. Its composition allows it to be negative in carbon emissions: “The carbon accumulated by trees over decades is trapped in wood concrete over a long period of time. Result, we have this negative carbon footprint “, specifies Laurent Noca, co-inventor of the company CCB Greentech.

Excellent insulator, this material is also three times lighter than conventional concrete. A technology that allows the factory prefabrication of load-bearing walls and slabs. The Isère-based company has already built around sixty turnkey buildings in France. A production that should move to a higher stage. : “All this know-how that we have accumulated over 15 years, we put it under technological license to industrialists. They will now be able to manufacture this concrete from wood, use it and market it for a wide variety of projects ranging from housing to the service sector “, explains Laurent Noca.

A success that won over the cement manufacturer Lafarge. The group has just entered the capital of the small business in Isère.


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