The end of the indoor mask planned for mid-March

As the health situation continues to improve, the end of the mask at school, in business and even in transport could be coming soon. Invited to the microphone of France Info, Wednesday February 16, the Minister of Health and Solidarity, Olivier Véran, estimated that the end of the mask in all closed places could occur from mid-March.

This decision would thus come two weeks after the lifting of the obligation to wear a mask in closed places subject to the vaccination pass (restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc.), with the exception of transport.

Lifting of masks in companies

Following a dynamic of “compensate” every fifteen days“we could begin to seriously ask ourselves the question of wearing a mask indoors, for adults and children”, said the minister.

At the same time, it would also be possible to start “to lighten the vaccination pass”, he estimated. Olivier Véran however specified that it will be maintained “in places that are very risky, such as nightclubs”, until the end of March or even the beginning of April.

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This simplification of the health protocol will only take placeif the conditions are met, added the Minister, that is to say “if the virus is circulating much less and hospitals are in working order”.

Olivier Véran is nevertheless optimistic:“If we continue on this dynamic, we will be able to completely get out of the wave within a few weeks. » For now, the incidence rate continues to plummet in France. In three weeks, it was divided by three.


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