The e-commerce boom is disrupting the home delivery market and sparking vocations

Alongside the giants of the sector, SMEs, start-ups and autoentrepreneurs are developing. With a stake: to “green” their activity.

The confinement prompted them to take the plunge. Nesrine Mcharek, an executive in the public service, and her husband, a restaurateur, changed their lives last year. They launched FTTM (France Transport Monsieur Madame), a delivery company whose customer is Amazon. “We started with five vehicles, says the entrepreneur. We now have twenty-fifteen drivers. The sector is booming. It was the moment. “

With the rise of e-commerce, the creation of companies dedicated to last mile delivery had jumped by 24% by 2019. The explosion in online sales created by the pandemic from March 2020 gave an additional boost to the operators responsible for delivering packages to customers. “Last year, the e-commerce package grew by 20% to weigh nearly 3 billion euros”, says Mehdi El Alami, transport partner at consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

This crazy growth is

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