The dialogue on post-Covid telework “will not be obvious”, judge François Asselin

“It will be a difficult dialogue, but it is always at the level of the company that these things find a solution”, underlined the leader of the CPME.

Used to working from home for more than a year, will the millions of French people working from home have to go back to work grumbling? Asked about France Inter, this Saturday, the boss of the Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CPME), François Asselin, estimated that the dialogue that will have to be established between employers, on the one hand, and employees, on the other go, “is not going to be obvious“.

We are somewhat in these two contradictions. On the one hand, we would like to organize our professional life as we see fit, choose the number of days at the office or at home. And on the other, you have the employer who […] must decide“. The negotiation must be done “unconstrained“, He judged, and she”is not going to be obvious“. “It’s going to be a difficult dialogue, but it’s always at the company level that these things find a solution.», Emphasized François Asselin.

For the leader of the CPME, teleworking will not have a negative effect on salaries. But “out of sight out of mind“, He warned:”we need to team up“, And remote work risks pushing employers to ask themselves, ultimately, whether they should”outsource»Certain functions performed by teleworking, by entrusting them to service providers.

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Cautious optimism for the future

For François Asselin, the government “was up to the situationDuring the crisis, helping companies that needed it with well-calibrated aids. “We still cannot say that France did not take care of its children. Throughout this pandemic period […], we were supported by our country», He greeted.

The representative is rather optimistic for the future: if there will undoubtedly be a “catch-up effect»The number of business failures, once public aid has been disconnected, no wall of bankruptcies in sight, however. “When all goes well, you have about 51,000 business failures in France. We only had 34,000 […] We risk having, over 12 rolling months from the moment when the aids will have disappeared, this catching up plus the 51,000 natural ones. The loss experience is likely to rise to around 70,000, which is not nothing but which is quite normal“, He explained.

In addition, “recruitment requests are very dynamic“And”the meters are rather in good shape, at the level of economic activity», Insisted Asselin, who pleaded for better vocational training and a better orientation of young people towards sectors requiring labor.

Pension reform will be necessary at one time or another», Reacted the boss of small bosses, questioned about the recent remarks of Emmanuel Macron. Legislative and political time is limited to put this controversial reform back on the job, he stressed, adding that it would be “very difficult to initiate this reform by the end of the five-year term“. But this file must be taken in hand “as quickly as possible, with the greatest serenity“, Judged the employer representative.

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