The design of the daughter of ‘America’s Second Lady’ sold out

Ella Emhoff – stepchild of the husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris – sold out the knitting collection in 30 minutes.

Follow New York TimesElla Emhoff’s collection of five knitted items, released last week, sold out on the Mall in a few hours. The designs include two coats, shorts, midi skirts and a Tweety cartoon bird bag. Only one copy, handmade by Emhoff, costs between $ 160 and $ 320.

Ella Emhoff wore a sleeveless sweater she made. Image: Josefina Santos.

The Outlet reported that Mall founder Laura Banas met Emhoff a few months before the inauguration of US Vice President Kamala Harris. She is impressed with playful and beautiful designs. In January, Emhoff introduced her products on her personal page that read: “Glad to finally be able to bring bags and skirts to a shopping mall near you. The dress is only allowed to wear. Just with crocs. I don’t follow any dress code.

Emhoff told New York Times She wants to raise funds for knitwear. This month, she sold two pairs of wool pants Instagram. For each product she sells, she raises 10 USD for For The Gworls or The Okra Project – two organizations supporting black transgender people. “There are a lot of people out there who need help. If I can do anything, I’m ready,” she said.

Two of the five designs in Ella Emhoff's collection are sold out.

Two out of five designs from Ella Emhoff’s collection are sold out. Image: Instagram Ella Emhoff.

Born in 1999 in the US, Ella Emhoff is the stepchild of Doug Emhoff – husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris. She is a senior in textile fine arts at Parsons School of Design in New York. Before signing a contract with IMG Models, she sometimes accepts to work as a model for a small company in the US. Emhoff has a strong love for knitting and uses mainly Merino wool. She has been knitting and crocheting for 13 years and has three knitting machines in her New York apartment. She said she could knit 12 hours a day.

Recently, Emhoff catwalk for the first time in the Fall Winter 2021 show of Proenza Schouler in the framework of New York Fashion Week. She has also just been on the cover of a magazine Dust spring number 2021. The beauty wore a patchwork sweater she wore with a black turtleneck inside.

Ella Emhoff on the cover of Dust magazine.  Photo: Dust.

Ella Emhoff on the cover of Dust magazine. Image: Dust.

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