The CGT of the Bastia hospital is mobilized against the vaccination obligation of caregivers

The union says it wants to defend “freedom of choice»Hospital staff.

For some local actors, the vaccination obligation for caregivers does not pass. This is particularly the case of the CGT branch of the Bastia hospital center, which called the staff to an indefinite strike from this Friday to protest against this vaccination imposed by Emmanuel Macron.

For the co-secretaries of the establishment’s union, Séverine Mason and Jean-François Canasi, the “freedom of choice must come first“And vaccination must remain above all”a personal decision“. If they deny being anti-vaccine, they cast doubts on the safety of products they consider to be experimental. They also wonder about their possible side effects.

Séverine Mason evokes a “unhappiness»Growing in the corridors of the hospital following the speech of the President of the Republic in mid-July. The vaccination was there “experienced as an injunction” according to her. After a period of waiting to know if the executive would back down, “government determination”In recent days has convinced the union of the need for mobilization.

A mobilization whose impact should remain limited

While the strike began this Friday at 12:01 am, the union also called for a rally in front of the Regional Health Agency 6.30pm in order to make its demands heard. “Our goal is to explain the strike notice to the ARS», Explain the co-secretaries. “We do not want to panic the population about the vaccine, but only to have our rights recognizedThey say.

However, Séverine Mason concedes that she does not have much hope on the extent of the mobilization of hospital staff. She denounces “understaffed teamsWhich prevent caregivers from mobilizing. Marie-Christine Viale, deputy director of the hospital, confirms, this Friday at the end of the day, that the scale of the strike remains limited: “no staff went on strike today», She indicates. She specifies that “more than 70% of staff are vaccinated“. However, the hospital remains cautious about the long-term impact because “the demands relate to measures over which the institution has no control“.

Beyond the opposition to the vaccination obligation, the CGT of the hospital requests authorizations of absence for the possible side effects of the vaccine, as well as the elimination of the deficiency day. It also proposes to replace the layoff of unvaccinated staff by a temporary reassignment in services where proximity to patients is less. This would allow, according to Séverine Mason, to authorize “the many caregivers who wish to wait for the Sanofi vaccine in December “.

The absenteeism variant

The leaflet published by the local union also warns against “the absenteeism variant ” who risks “to reach out to exhausted staff who are violated in their freedom of choice“. Indeed, the CGT co-secretaries interviewed by the Figaro fear that layoffs of unvaccinated staff will increase the pressure, when the situation is already complicated. “No resignations are yet to be deplored at the local levelThey specify, however.

The Bastia hospital center is not the only establishment to experience tensions on the subject of the vaccination of caregivers. Professionals from the Édouard Herriot hospital in Lyon were also called on strike today by the Sud Santé union. Mobilizations as in Lyon or Bastia could expand. Nationally, the CGT for its part supports vaccination, but it “opposes his obligation, preferring the path of conviction“.


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