The Buffalo Grill group renames itself “napaqaro”

To modernize its image, the chain which announced to separate from the atmosphere “cowboys and Indians” now wants to bet on a universe of “American steakhouse”.

This is a new step in the modernization of its image. The Buffalo Grill group has decided to change its name and will now be called “Napaqaro”. A play on words to say “checkered tablecloth”, announced Tuesday, as reported by BFMTV which will not however concern restaurants.

It is the corporate brand name. Buffalo Grill and Courtepaille will continue, we are not going to cheat with brands that have 40 years of history. We simply wanted a name that carries our heritage, that transcends brands and looks to the future.», Explained Jocelyn Olive, president of the catering group at BFMTV.

More “cowboys and Indians” atmosphere

This touch of humor is part of the desire for change recently made by Buffalo Grill. The chain of restaurants dedicated to grills had indeed announced a few days earlier to draw a line on its “cowboys and Indians” atmosphere inspired by Hollywood westerns yet its trademark since its creation in 1980. But the wind has it seems turned, and the brand will now put away its statues of Cheyennes and bison to modernize its image with a new logo and a new universe: “American BBQ”.

In a video posted on social networks by the Marcel agency, a Buffalo Grill waiter is seen removing a huge statue of a bison from his restaurant under the saddened eye of a flesh-and-blood American Indian. “Bye Bye cowboys and Indians”, specifies the agency, and to add that “Buffalo Grill is reinventing itself as a ‘House of BBQ’”. In order not to rush its customers too much, the firm assures us that Buffalo Grill will continue to offer its famous welcome salad, and to offer birthday songs to its customers.

Debt restructuring

The Buffalo Grill chain, which, like the rest of the sector, had a difficult year 2020 with a 40% decline in its turnover to 320 million euros, according to information from BFMTV, had bought the brand at the end of the year. Courtepaille, another restaurant chain. Also according to BFMTV, 80 million euros will be invested by Buffalo Grill in this restructuring, while the chain claims to have restructured its debt thanks to its shareholder TDR Capital.

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