The best beauty products 2021

Hermes balm, Victoria Beckham’s mascara… in the best product group this year.

The best products are judged on the effectiveness, real-life experience of our beauty editors Vogue with experts in the cosmetic and makeup industry. In particular, Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Future Lash mascara was commented by expert Fara Homidi to be durable, not drifting, not heavy on the eyelids even though used all day, thin and have perfect gloss.

In the line of lip balms, Hermes products priced at $67 topped the list thanks to their rich moisture content and natural pink color. Follow Vogue, girls can use this lipstick day and night. In last year’s eyeshadows, Gucci’s Beauté des Yeux Floral was praised for its soft, pigmented texture. Easy-to-use tones such as pastel pink, brown, burnt orange, silver glitter, beige …, are commented to bring a gentle and delicate look, suitable for both work and parties.

Gucci eyeshadow, Hermes lip balm, R + Co BLEU hair mask and Victoria Beckham’s mascara are among this year’s goodies. Photo: Vogue

In the skincare line, In Fiore’s Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate was chosen as the best of the serums. Contains sea buckthorn oil rich in omega fatty acids, carrot oil, and calendula essential oil to protect skin against the environment and UV rays. According to French dermatologist Elaine Huntzinger, the product acts as a barrier to protect the face from harmful external influences.

Huntzinger also appreciated Jordan Samuel’s Skin The Matinee cleanser. The doctor commented that this cream has a good texture, cleans without drying the skin, and is reasonably priced (28 USD). The product scores because it contains mineral mud – something that some other cream cleansers do not have.

R + Co BLEU’s Sleep Masque Night Repair Hair Mask was best reviewed this year. Follow Vogue, just apply a soft capsule to your hair every night, your hair will be soft, strong and shiny when you wake up thanks to blue caviar extract.

In addition, this year’s fine beauty products include Costa Brazil Sol body oil, Natureofthings exfoliant and Chanel Le Vernis in 911 Terre Brûlée nail polish. Chanel products have beautiful colors thanks to the perfect proportion of red and brown colors, which are not harmful to nails.

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