The audience fell in love with Liu Yifei while dancing and making tea

The scene where Liu Yifei dances and makes tea in “Flower Dream” is praised for its aesthetic and cultural depth.

Liu Yifei shows off her choreography. Video: QQ

In the episode broadcast on the evening of June 9, Trieu Phan Nhi (played by Dic Phi) was bullied by a tea shop owner, forcing her to stop doing business in the capital, Trieu Phan Nhi refused. The two sides played tea (mixing contest) to solve the problem.

Trieu Phan Nhi unleashed her own strengths to win the hearts of writers. She danced while grinding tea, fanning the stove to boil water. Wearing a light purple silk costume, the actor performed the movements of turning, tossing a towel, and dancing with a fan.

Liu Yifei plays a resourceful, multi-talented tea shop owner.  Photo: QQ

Liu Yifei plays a resourceful, multi-talented tea shop owner. Image: QQ

Page Sina praised Liu Yifei as a dancer, creating a beautiful impression on the work. The video is both elegant and conveys the ancient art of making tea and enjoying tea. The scene mentions “cypress tea” – just grind the tea leaves into a powder, mix it with boiling water, then use clear water to paint on the surface of the tea.

Follow QQ, Liu Yifei does not ask for a stuntman, although some movements require skill. The scene shows the maturity and experience of the actress. Above Weibo, the video was shared by hundreds of thousands of people. Many viewers said they were stunned by Liu Yifei’s dance. Fans wrote: “Unspeakably beautiful”, “The film is unique in both content and form”, “She dances spontaneously but is ravishingly beautiful”… The episode also has a scene of Trieu Phan. Nhi dances in the night of the moon, which many people liken to the dance of Hang Nga.

The scene of Liu Yifei dancing under the moon

Scene of Trieu Phan Nhi dancing under the moon. Video: QQ

* The reason Liu Yifei’s ‘Dream of Green Flowers’ resonated

Dream of green flowers is the most noticed Chinese drama so far this year, receiving 8.8/10 points on the Douban forum. Page Beijing News considered the work to be successful thanks to its well-organized staging, which is different from most historical romance films in recent years. Above The Paper, many viewers said that the work was successful thanks to its artistic character. Anfeng account wrote: “The film and the audience have a reciprocal relationship. The work is done meticulously, respecting the viewers, the viewers will respect it in return, helping it to sublimate”.

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