The age of 60 of the actor ‘Hoang Phi Hong’

Hong KongQuan Chi Lam, the shadow of the movie “Hoang Phi Hong”, lives well, and is praised by fashion magazines for his 60-year-old stylish style.

According to HK01from the beginning of the year until now, the actress has received a lot of attention when she regularly posts on TikTok videos of her daily life, how to dress up, think about love… Thousands of viewers commented that she was in her sixties, Quan Chi Lam wears trendy clothes and has a well-proportioned figure.

Quan Chi Lam dressed up in the street. Video: Douyin/Guan Zhilin

Quan Chi Lam often shoots videos at his home in the Mid-Levels residential area. The beauty lives alone, in company with her pet. Chi Lam often gathers friends at her house, because her close friends all live in the same block. The apartment is more than 270 square meters, worth 150 million HKD ($19.1 million).

The actress is currently in the fashion business, advertising for many food and cosmetic brands. In addition, she invests in real estate. According to OnQuan Chi Lam lives well, with assets exceeding 500 million HKD (63.8 million USD).

Quan Chi Lam's shoe and bag cabinet.  Photo: HK01

Quan Chi Lam’s shoe and bag cabinet. Photo: HK01

Quan Chi Lam is passionate about brands. She has her own room to store clothes, shoes and bags, with more than 100 pairs of shoes, more than 100 bags of luxury fashion houses. The beauty once posted a video of the bag shelf, including the Hermes Kelly Ghillies model priced at HKD 252,000 (VND 736 million), Hermes Kelly priced at HKD 470,000 (VND 1.4 billion), Yellow Hermès Birkin priced at HKD 130,000 (VND 380 million). , another purple Hermès Birkin priced at 388,000 HKD (1.1 billion dong)… In addition, Quan Chi Lam loves Gucci bags.

The actress keeps in shape and beauty by being active and persistent in taking care of her skin. She once joked: “I spend up to half of my life on beauty”. Quan Chi Lam often applies masks, focusing on skin care in the eye area.

Chi Lam hasn’t acted in movies for the past 17 years. In the 1990s, she was the iconic beauty of the Asian entertainment industry, recognized by the magazine People (USA) ranked in the list of “50 most beautiful people in the world” in 1998. Quan Chi Lam left his mark through the series Wong Fei Hung cooperation with Ly Lien Kiet. She also played Arrogant Gypsy: Dong Phuong Bui Bai, Crafty expert.

Transformation of Quan Chi Lam's beauty over time

Quan Chi Lam’s beauty over time. Video: Bilibili

Favorable in acting, but also in love affairs, Quan Chi Lam experienced many ups and downs. In 1982, she married a businessman surnamed Vuong despite being strongly opposed by her father. The couple divorced after half a year of living together. According to IfengMr. Vuong once insulted his ex-wife: “Women like her, it’s better for a woman like her to take any child on the street”.

After that, Quan Chi Lam secretly registered to marry Tran Thai Minh – a rich Taiwanese businessman. They divorced in 2015. Since then, Quan Chi Lam has not made her boyfriend public. On the sheet Nam Phuong UrbanQuan Chi Lam himself accepted the requirements of his partner quite strictly, the actor said: “Maybe the older I get, the higher the requirements will become. The man who lives with me in addition to being compatible, needs to be someone I admire. grave, can learn many things from him”.

Like him (according to HK01)


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