The actor ‘Quan Xam loc Coc’ passed away

Hong KongArtist Lu Hung, who collaborated with Chau Tinh Tri in “Quan Xam Loc Coc”, died on the evening of January 27, at the age of 75.

Above HK01, actor Dien Khai Van – head of the Hong Kong Filmmakers Association – said that Lu Hung died of kidney disease. In the last years of his life, the artist was often hospitalized, losing more than 20 kg. Dien Khai Van said: “We worked together for many years, it’s a pity that a senior left. I learned a lot from Mr. Lu Hung”.

Actor Lu Hung at the event in May 2021. Photo: TVB

He joined the film industry in 1975, initially working as a voice actor. In the 1980s and 1990s, Lu Hung acted in many movies, including Quan Xam whirlwind cup (1994). He played the role of a ministerial minister, ostensibly helping Bao Long Tinh (played by Chau Tinh Tri) but having a big ending, secretly harming Bao Long Tinh.

The actor 'Quan Xam loc Coc' passed away

Lu Hung acted out the scene forcing Chau Tinh Tri and Ngo Manh Dat to eat cake in “Quan Xam Loc Coc”. Video: 163

Lu Hung also collaborated with Chau Tinh Tri in movies prestige school (1991), Hymn 3. In addition, he participated in Returning to the soul, Kim Ngoc is full of the road, People in the Gypsy 1998

Actor Lu Hung with Chau Tinh Tri (middle) and Ngo Manh Dat (left) in Quan Xam Loc Coc.  Photo: HK01

Actor Lu Hung with Chau Tinh Tri (middle) and Ngo Manh Dat (left) in “Quan Xam Loc Coc”. Photo: HK01

The last event Lu Hung participated in was at the show Good voice, good movie by TVB in May 2021. He was honored for his contribution in the field of voice acting for movies.

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