The 88-year-old single life of the star “The Condor Heroes”

Hong KongLa Lan, actor “The Condor Heroes” 1995, is single at the age of 88, finding joy in work.

Artists currently attracting attention with movies Hello Missfortune, airing on TVB from 7/1. She incarnated a cruel woman who scolded and gnawed at the people around her.

Actress La Lan. Photo: Mpweekly

Above Mpweekly, the artist said that in real life she rarely encounters things that make her angry. “It’s not because I’m good-natured, but because other than the maid, there’s no one around me every day, nothing upsets me. If I want to scold, I don’t touch anyone but scold me. If I have a boyfriend, scold me freely. but I don’t have,” said the artist.

When at home, she often arranges and reviews photos from a few decades ago, each time evoking many emotions because many of the friends in the photo have passed away. Old photos make artists sink into memories, sad moods, nostalgia.

La Lan said that in her old age, her memory declined, her left knee was operated on, and now it is often painful. She also has problems with her right knee, but she has not yet dared to have surgery. She lived with pain and fatigue, saying that “everyone is old, everyone has health problems”.

The 87-year-old single life of the 'Condor Heroes' star

La Lan plays Cuu Thien Chain (sitting in a chair) in “The Great Condor Heroes” 1995. Video: Bilibili

Due to poor memory and fear of involving her associates, she once planned to retire, but many people advised La Lan to continue working. The actor said: “My acquaintances told me not to go to work, my memory would be worse. Colleagues said they weren’t afraid of getting involved. If they couldn’t film once, they would shoot many times. People cheered like that, of course I would keep working”. Artists find joy when meeting colleagues who have known each other for more than 20 years, visiting each other on set.

The actor experienced more than 10 relationships, but all did not bear fruit. Above Appledaily, She told me that in her youth, many bad habits, jealousy, suspicion and bigotry, caused her boyfriend to run away. There was also a time when she took the initiative to break up due to her incompatibility. The older the actor, the more he no longer craves love, even has a fear of men. “Finding half of life is not easy. Men, when they are 20 they look for 20 girls. At 80 years old, they are still looking for 20 girls,” the artist said.

La Lan and Andy Lau at the 2000 Golden Statue Awards. Photo: Mpweekly

La Lan and Luu Duc Hoa at the 2000 Golden Statue Awards. Photo: Mpweekly

The actress, who has acted in movies for the past 70 years, is a familiar face of the Hong Kong screen. She played Thien Chi Sheep in two versions God Condor starring Luu Duc Hoa and Co Thien Lac. La Lan also left her mark with the image of a female demon in the horror series Yin and Yang revealed. She was once recognized by experts for acting with the title Best Actress Golden Statue Award, thanks to the movie Violent scenes.

In addition to the above works, she played Fire Line Island, Niu Lang Zhi Nu, Immense sky, Reincarnation, Loc Dinh Ky: God of Dragonism, Royal female generals, White Phat female 2…

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