The 85-year-old single life of ‘bad girls’ TVB

Du Mu Lien, who specializes in playing ugly women in TVB dramas, is in poor health at the age of 85 but heartbroken for poor children.

On August 3, the Hong Kong actor participated in a radio program after about two years of absence due to treatment for vasculitis and pulmonary fibrosis. She said that after undergoing surgery, she now has a lot of cough sequelae. She said it was difficult to return to acting due to difficulty walking, using a cane or using a wheelchair.

Du Mo Lien was cared for and helped by friends of artists. Actress Me Tuyet helped her find an Indonesian maid, taking care of Du Mu Lien’s eating and cleaning every day. Artists like Ngo Le Chau, Tiet Gia Yen… often call to chat, ask her to eat and drink tea. Thanks to that, Du Mu Lien felt relieved and warm.

Du Mu Lien at the age of 85. Photo: Mpweekly

Yu Mu Lien said that her health was declining, but she was still sharp and had a good memory. The artist is working on an autobiography, printing many photos of the film industry that she has kept during more than 50 years of filming. All proceeds, Du Mu Lien will send to the fund to help children with cancer in Hong Kong.

Follow HK01The artist made a will and instructed to donate all his assets to a charity fund to build schools for children in disadvantaged areas. She said: “I hope to help some needy children, so that they can have a better future. I wish that children in mountainous areas don’t have to climb passes, wade streams, and take dangerous roads to get to school every day.” .

During the period of hospitalization and treatment, Du Mo Lien was rumored to have no money to pay hospital fees. She denied, saying that her savings are enough to cover her life and prevent unforeseen events. Follow Mpweeklyshe lives in a two-bedroom, one-living room apartment in Mong Kok (Hong Kong), bought in the 1990s. Currently, the market price of apartments exceeds six million HKD (nearly 18 billion VND).

Yu Mu Lien, Chow Tinh Tri in Crafty Expert

Du Mu Lien, Chow Tinh Tri in “Crafty Expert”. Video: Newport Entertainment

The artist has acted in films since the 1970s, mainly playing ugly women. Her image is familiar on the screen, causing many people to use the catchphrase “Worse than Du Mu Lien” when describing someone who is not eye-catching in appearance. She once said she did not mind this. Closed by Mu Lien God Condor 1983 (as Ton Ba Ba), Condor Heroes 1994 (as Ton Bu Nhi), Swordsman 1996 (as Ngo Bach Anh), Crafty expert (as Mrs. Chu)… Before she fell ill, she acted in many movies like Pour it into brother’s pants, REMOVE Plan, Psycho Detective 2

Yu Mu Lien has never dated anyone, she once said that she is satisfied with the single life, neither admire nor envy anyone’s happiness. She grew up in an incomplete family, her mother married another man and moved to America to live. Her father then walked away again. Du Mu Lien once said: “From childhood to adulthood, I did not have love. When I was young, I worked as a hired hand and sent money to Guangzhou to raise my children.” Before becoming an actor, Du Mu Lien worked as a seamstress, salesman…

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