The 3rd dose, and after? : “Up to how many booster shots will we go? “

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After the third dose – and even a fourth for highly immunocompromised people who had already benefited from a booster in the spring – how will the vaccine campaign against Covid-19 evolve in the coming months, ask several readers?

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While the injection of a third dose has only just started in the countries which have made this choice, including France, it is difficult for the moment to know what will be the duration of protection offered by this booster, indicate the specialists interviewed. through The cross.

An association with the flu vaccine?

“The clues we have for the moment show that there is a very clear benefit from the 3rd dose. But it’s still too early to know if we will have to do iterative vaccinations against the Covid, as is the case for the flu ”, warns Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, head of the infectious diseases department at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil (AP-HP) and member of the Vaccination Commission at the Haute Autorité de santé (HAS).

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If the choice were made to establish an annual booster, it will in any case probably be intended primarily for fragile people, on the model of the flu vaccination campaign, estimates Yannick Simonin, virologist at the University of Montpellier. The two vaccines could then be combined, to facilitate the organization and acceptability of this new campaign.

A third dose for everyone?

At the same time, the campaign for a third dose could be gradually extended to the entire French population. This option will depend on the evolution of the protection offered by the first doses of vaccines, the spread of the epidemic in the population and the appearance of possible new variants.

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“The question will arise, but not before 2022”, estimates the doctor Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, who indicates that several of the new vaccines which will arrive soon on the market, in particular that developed by Sanofi, were designed to be adapted to these recall campaigns.

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