The 300 faces of Samuel Fosso

From Angela Davis’ afro cut to Aimé Césaire’s ties, the dress style of the great figures of the black cause has always carried a political dimension. The work of the immense Cameroonian photographer Samuel Fosso, currently exhibited at the MEP in Paris, bears witness to this.

Samuel Fosso, Self-portrait “African Spirits” Series, 2008

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In his self-portraits, where he metamorphoses into Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, particular care is taken to stylistic details that make the “signature allure” of these iconic personalities, recognizable at first glance.

The sequel after the advertisement

Samuel Fosso, Self-portrait

Samuel Fosso, Self-portrait “70’s Lifestyle” series, 1975-78

And even when he disguises himself as a simple anonymous hip-hop fan, businessman or dandy, the militant demand erupts: each of the images exhibited exploding the classic codes of identity, gender and social class. Proof that a garment sometimes says more than long speeches.

Fashion, food, design … new trends come from AfricaSamuel Fosso, at the European House of Photography, until March 13, 2022.

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