The 30-year-old actor was in crisis when he was locked away

ChinaTruong Triet Han, a 30-year-old actor famous for “Son Ha Command”, was terrified and insecure after being locked away.

By page 163, Triet Han is being defended by Mr. Ly Hoc Chinh – a famous actor and producer – for justice, when he has suffered a wave of boycotts since August. Ly Hoc Chinh posted on Weibo A letter from Mrs. Truong Ha – Truong Triet Han’s mother, revealing the circumstances of the actor and his family in the past three months.

Actor Truong Triet Han. Photo: 163

Ms. Truong Ha said Internet violence and boycotts from many sides prevented her and her son from going out. The two lived in fear, insecurity, anger, pain, and helplessness. In March 2018, Truong Triet Han traveled to Japan, took some photos with cherry blossoms. He has never visited Yasukuni Shrine, but just passed this area. But some people want to harm Triet Han, spreading the news that he bows at the temple. After that, a series of unfounded news were posted on the Internet, such as Truong Triet Han’s family as a spy and traitor to the country, Truong Triet Han’s father having an affair in May. The actor’s mother wrote that her husband died. 5 years ago due to illness. The false news made her whole family miserable.

She said that after the incident, when she returned home, the first sentence Truong Triet Han told her was: “Mom, I am so ashamed, I am 30 years old and I still make you miserable”. Seeing her mother crying, Truong Triet Han comforted: “Mom, don’t cry, I’m still healthy”. Truong Triet Han was optimistic and comforted her mother, but many times had to hide in her room to cry. His four-year-old grandson dared not approach him, and once said, “You’re a bad person.” She and Truong Triet Han both hope that the authorities will investigate and return the purity and peaceful life to the family. Truong Ha admires the ordinary life of others, once thinking of suicide.

Up to now, she has spoken out to regain justice for her family and son, not wanting his life to be ruined. She wrote: “He is only 30 years old, his future, career was destroyed by a few photos taken three years ago… Not only that, but my child lives in the insults of people, efforts, good deeds for many years. have all been erased”.

Truong Triet Han in Son Ha Command

Truong Triet Han in “Son Ha Command”. Video: Bilibili

Truong Triet Han – from the entertainment company founded by Trieu Vy – emerged from the movie Son Ha command, broadcast at the end of February. After half a year of popularity, Triet Han revealed smiling photos around the Yasukuni temple area – Japan’s most controversial temple. The site worships 2.5 million souls, including those who joined Nazi forces and war criminals during the Second World War. This angered China, South Korea and North Korea – countries that had been invaded and devastated by the Japanese fascists. Every time Japanese officials visit Yasukuni Shrine, China strongly protests.

Just a few hours after the photo was released, 27 brands announced the cancellation of contracts with Truong Triet Han. The media condemned him for hurting war victims, ignorant, and disrespecting history. All social media accounts and major fansites of Truong Triet Han were deleted. Account Weibo Trieu Vy’s management company was also suspended.

Ly Hoc Chinh received great attention from the public when he was the first celebrity to publicly defend Truong Triet Han.  He used to play in the name of the people, that year the flowers bloomed and the moon was just full... Ly Hoc Chinh was also a producer and a famous film distributor.  Photo: 163

Ly Hoc Chinh received great attention from the public when he was the first celebrity to publicly defend Truong Triet Han. He used to play “In the name of the people”, “That year the flowers bloomed and the moon was full”… Ly Hoc Chinh was also a famous film producer and distributor. Photo: 163

On November 23, the China Performing Industry Association (CAPA) revived the incident when listing Zhang Zhe Han as one of 88 people warned for “violating morality and law”.

Ly Hoc Chinh was dissatisfied with the above move, saying that CAPA did not have the qualifications and authority to “lock up” a person. According to the law, CAPA is only allowed to call for boycott and punishment of artists when there is a written mandate from administrative agencies. CAPA was established in 1988, is a social organization including units operating in the field of performance, under the management of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China.

Ly Hoc Chinh also said that some of the heads of CAPA were “morally corrupt”, collected money illegally, were not qualified to manage the association, and called on them to answer his questions. The articles of Ly Hoc Chinh attract hundreds of thousands of likes and comments from the audience.

Before the accusations of Ly Hoc Chinh, the CAPA side said that the unit did not force people in the industry to boycott and “lock” artists. The unit does not impose administrative sanctions, only makes a list of artists warning according to the association’s criteria, the units in CAPA coordinate to request warnings on a voluntary basis.

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