Thao Trang: ‘I’m older than my husband, but I’m childish’

Actress Thao Trang said she was jealous when Quang Phap – her husband eight years younger than her – was liked by many girls.

– How is your life after a year of marriage?

– In early October, my wife and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, in a simple and gentle way. The family’s greatest happiness is welcoming a baby boy, now nearly six months old.

Living during the pandemic, the two encouraged each other mentally, sharing housework and taking care of children. My husband gained a little weight because of his wife’s cooking. We usually do things together, go to bed at the same time, hold hands to accept. My brother and I never raised our voices, even if we were angry for no more than 30 minutes, our family was always full of laughter. For me, this marriage is the best choice ever. He is eight years younger than me but mature, all thoughts are very manly. My husband is always small and gentle, giving me a sense of security.

Thao Trang and her husband behind the scenes of a family talk show, October 19. Photo: THVL

– What do you change to harmonize family life?

– I’m less hot-tempered. Before, I was often irritable, touching something uncomfortable was easy to get angry. Since living together, he trained me to be calm. My husband advised me to give up my temper because it is not good for marriage and work. Seeing how my husband reacts to situations and people around, I learn more. When I change, I find life easier, happier.

I’m older than my husband but I’m childish, imaginary and jealous. My husband is kind, so everyone loves me when I go out. Many times when I sleep and dream, I show my attitude. Women who love their husbands are also easily jealous. Fortunately, my husband understands and tolerates it.

Before, I was like a man. Living alone, I had to work up, prove myself strong, and see that life was tasteless. Since meeting and marrying him, I have been able to return to being a true woman.

– How does your husband support you?

– The day I went to the hospital to give birth, everything was taken care of by him. Parents and relatives are in the countryside, in the epidemic situation, so no one went to Saigon to help. He took a neonatal care course with a nurse in the hospital. At home, he doesn’t mind getting up late at night to change diapers, make milk to breastfeed, bathe the baby… Now he’s better at taking care of children than I am.

My husband is quite funny, bad at singing but likes to perform. Many times I am tired, hear echoes in my ears, easily irritated. At that time, he said he was making me laugh, so I calmed down.

Recently, I was touched when I heard him apologize, saying that he could not take care of his wife to have a full life like other people. In the past, he asked me why I gave up everything to follow a love that did not know the future, advised me to marry a rich man to make life less difficult… I never thought that my partner must be rich. just married. When he married me, he also had a house, a business, and also tried to go up with his ability. We came together with sincere love, so there is no regret.

Thao Trang - Quang Phap at the show "Decoding the soul mate"

Thao Trang and her husband behind the scenes of a family talk show, October 19. Photo: THVL

– How do you take care of your daughter with your ex-husband?

– When I divorced, I had nothing in my hand, my career and home were not stable. I let her stay with her father, when life is better, I will pick her up. After many years, seeing him live a happy life, he also prefers to be with his father, so I accepted.

My daughter is good, studying well, or talking to her mother on the phone. At the weekend, the baby came to me again. I agree with my ex-husband on how to teach children, should use whispering, emotional, do not scold because it is easy to make children withdraw and live a closed life. We keep a normal relationship after breaking up to raise the baby.

My current husband loves her like his own son. When I debuted, the age difference and I used to have a husband and a child that prevented both sides of the family. Instead of giving up, he was the one who encouraged, sowed faith and determination to build a home with me.

Thao Trang showed off her figure at the event last month.  Photo: Character provided

Thao Trang showed off her figure with a thigh-slit skirt at an event last year. Photo: Characters provided

– How do you return to work now as the “new normal”?

– I’ll be filming Where the wind stops at the end of the month. Staying at home for a long time makes me miss my job, looking forward to returning to the set soon. The housework and childcare in the near future will be taken care of by my husband, with the help of a maid.

I have not been in the profession for a long time, I still have to work hard and strive more. I’m not demanding on roles or premeditated. Everything comes naturally to me.

Thao Trang acts in the movie "Thunder in the rain"

Thao Trang acted in the movie “Lightning in the Rain” directed by Nguyen Phuong Dien, released in 2018. Video: Youtube THVL Movies

Thao Trang was born in 1987, from Dong Thap. In 2013, she participated in Vietnam’s Next Top Model contest. She was married to player Phan Thanh Binh, has a daughter. After the divorce, she pursued a career as an actress and was noticed with dramas Thunder in the Rain (2018). In October 2020, Thao Trang married actor Quang Phap, born in 1995. He used to participate in movies like Blind magician, 3D inn….

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