Thanh Lam sings the hit Truc Nhan again

Thanh Lam covered the song “If you have it, don’t keep it, if you lose it, don’t find it” (Truc Nhan) in the program “Time Intersection”, broadcast on the evening of September 24.

Thanh Lam, Bui Cong Nam sing “If you have it, don’t keep it, if you lose it, don’t find it” (Bui Cong Nam). Video: FPT Play

The singer performed in a playful, gentle and restrained style when duet with author Bui Cong Nam. Musician Duong Cam – music director of the liveshow – praised Thanh Lam for singing better than the impromptu performance of the song three months ago. At that time, the diva showed a jazz style with “adventure” and harsh vocals, many viewers criticized the female singer for breaking the song.

Thanh Lam sings hit Truc Nhan

Thanh Lam sings “If you have it, don’t keep it, if you lose it, don’t find it” (Bui Cong Nam) in June. Video: Ha Thu

Thanh Lam also sings Chi Pheo – famous song by Bui Cong Nam in Sing my song 2016. The artist put more Northern folk elements into the performance.

The two artists even harmonize in the mashup I’m busy today and My brother, my sister. Thanh Lam chooses I’m busy today, the song talks about the heartlessness of the children, to convey the message of family affection. Diva said: “After the trip, everyone wants to return home, where it is always warm and loving.”

Thanh Lam sings 'Chi Pheo'

Thanh Lam sings “Chi Pheo” by Bui Cong Nam. Video: FPT Play

Thanh Lam recently tried to sing some young music songs again. She said: “I think that artists of every age have their own way of feeling and finding their own beauty. The version I show is new, someone will like it or not. However, with understanding. Knowing about my music, my stage experience, I will definitely make the song deeper, better than that is unlikely.” Last year, in the liveshow See you lovethe diva used to cover some songs of Da LAB like Youth, My tears wipe with new love, supported by the audience.

During the show, when singing the song The wind carries the song away, diva shares the concept of love. The song was written by Luu Ha An specifically for Thanh Lam, for the soul that is always foolish in love. “Love is always the same, but the feeling of each time will be different. When young, when in love, people often like to receive. But now, for me, love is giving without asking for anything”, ca. doctor said.

Thanh Lam in the show Intersection of Time, broadcast on the evening of September 24.  Photo: FPT Play

Thanh Lam in the show “Time Intersection”, broadcast on the evening of September 24. Image: FPT Play

Thanh Lam was born in 1969, is known as one of the four divas of light music with Hong Nhung, My Linh, and Tran Thu Ha. She released many albums such as: Sunshine on the porch (1991), Let’s go life (1999), Farewell sunset (2000), White clouds fly back (2001), Ru for a thousand years (2004), Where love meets (2020)…

She has won many awards: Favorite Singer at La Habana Festival, Golden Voice at ASEAN Vocal Festival, Dedication award… In 2007, Thanh Lam was the first freelance singer to be conferred the title. Distinguished Artist Brand. In July, the singer was proposed for the title of People’s Artist, according to the list of grassroots councils submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Bui Cong Nam was born in 1993, once attracted attention in Sing My Song 2016 with songs Chi Pheo, Listen to someone… After the competition, he got hit No one loves me like you (Toc Tien) and the closest is Can not keep losing not find (Truc Nhan).

Time Intersection music by musician Duong Cam, broadcast at 8 pm on the second and last Saturday of every month, on FPT Play application. The program editors chose artists from two different generations with similar musical characteristics to combine, such as Khanh Ly – My Linh, Thanh Ha – Lan Nha, Thanh Lam – Bui Cong Nam, Thu Minh – Orange …


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