Thanh Lam: ‘My boyfriend is my only audience during the epidemic’

Thanh Lam sings every day at home stage, the only audience is her boyfriend – doctor Bui Tien Hung.

– How is your life when you are away?

– I am the role model of the family. Normally, in addition to singing, I also like to be at home with my relatives, hanging around with simple activities such as cooking, reading, and raising cats. In the past few days, I have had a lot of time to study Buddhist works, books to nourish the soul, and look back on my own way of life. I read Eternal life by author Nguyen Phong, understand more aspects of things and life. I think besides the negative side, this period also has a positive point – helping each of us to be calmer, more relaxed, and at the same time have the opportunity to be close to our loved ones.

Thanh Lam and her boyfriend – Doctor Tien Hung – have been in love since the middle of last year. Both of them held a ceremony on the occasion of her birthday on June 19. Photo: Facebook Doan Thanh Lam

– How do you take care of your family and friends during this time?

– This time, with strict distance requirements, my family could not gather to sing and gather like last year. Moreover, my mother – artist Thanh Huong – is 90 years old, has not been vaccinated. Everyone told each other to limit going out and protect her health. Thien Thanh’s daughter still lives near me and my son – Dang Quang – has returned to Canada to study for a master’s degree. Mother and daughter often call each other. I take care of my son because the epidemic abroad is quite complicated, but I think he also needs to adapt to new circumstances to grow up.

My boyfriend – Doctor Tien Hung – still works as normal as many other “white shirt warriors”. I often joke: “Now you are the happiest, translate or not, you can still work”. Just kidding, sometimes I worry about you, but I believe doctors know how to protect themselves.

Thanh Lam sings

Thanh Lam sings “Quynh Huong”, “Random” (musician Trinh Cong Son) at home. Video: Facebook Doan Thanh Lam

– At the beginning of the year, you held a live show because you were too “craving to sing”, how frustrated are you now staying at home for a long time?

– For a performer, not being on stage, listening to the applause of the audience is really terrible. For the past two years, like many other singers, my income is zero. I live more frugally, fortunately I don’t go anywhere so it doesn’t cost much. Everyone has to do the same during these difficult times.

I set up the stage at home, only one audience is the lover. The background is a window frame overlooking the lake. My brother – musician Tri Minh – arranges and plays for my sister, and my sister-in-law helps me record. It takes us quite a while to finish a video. Many artists choose to live stream to interact with the audience. I want the product to be perfect, so I choose to record, shoot, edit and then post it on my personal page.

On the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, my daughter, son-in-law and teachers in the two grandchildren’s music center held a meaningful activity, and I also participated. The children are not allowed to destroy the moon-watching party, go to school with books, but still sing upbeat tunes, grateful to the frontline forces fighting the epidemic. I think music is a precious spiritual medicine for all.

Diva Thanh Lam at the age of 52. Photo: Facebook Doan Thanh Lam

Diva Thanh Lam at the age of 52. Photo: Facebook Doan Thanh Lam

– How do you convey the message of optimism during the pandemic through music?

– The pandemic days taught me many things. After watching documentary footage of pregnant women infected with Covid-19, I was haunted and saddened when I witnessed the narrow line between life and death. Many families were separated, parents died leaving orphaned children. I feel more appreciative of life. Every morning waking up, just being able to breathe and be with the people you love is already happy. Therefore, I choose to sing songs about human emotions, in order to send positive energy to friends and audiences. I just shot some songs like Quynh Huong (Trinh Cong Son), Lullaby to the sun (music: Ho Nhat Minh, lyrics: Phan Huyen Thu)…

Thanh Lam sings 'My thanks'

Thanh Lam harmonizes the voice of her daughter, son-in-law and children, sings “My thanks” (musician Luu Ha An), grateful to the medical team. Video: Facebook Doan Thanh Lam

On September 26, I will be on the show Open Arms – Volunteer music program to encourage the community to overcome the pandemic. I am also happy to appear with many close friends and juniors in the profession, such as Hong Nhung, Tung Duong, Duc Tuan… I will sing the song. Sunshine on the porch by musician Thanh Tung and harmonize with the artists in the song Let’s love each other, Connect big arms. Through the songs, I want to wish everyone to be strong and strong. I believe that when we are fully vaccinated, the rhythm of life will soon return to the way it was.

Trailer show "Open Arms"

Trailer show “Connecting big arms” – the program will take place live on the evening of September 26. Video: AVSE Global

Show Open Arms named after the famous music of Trinh Cong Son. The music night was initiated by AVSE Global, in collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports and the Trinh Cong Son Foundation, with the message “Music is spiritual medicine, connecting people”. With a response team named “Task Force-Beyond Covid” in the fields of health, economy, society, education…, the unit fulfills the desire to raise funds to buy and transport medical equipment from from abroad to support domestic anti-epidemic forces.

Director Nguyen Quang Dung, Tran Manh Tuan as music director. Artists include Ta Minh Tam, Thanh Ngan, Thanh Lam, Van Khanh, Le Tu, husband and wife Cam Van – Khac Trieu, Hong Nhung, T Linh, Duc Tuan, Tung Duong, Thanh Bui, Ha Le, Lan Nha, My Anh … The show gathers art units such as the Lotus Theater of Ethnic Music and Dance, Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theater…

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