Thanh Hang: ‘I want to hear the audience clapping’

At home for many months, Thanh Hang sometimes remembers to feel the catwalk at fashion shows in the applause of the audience.

– How is your work affected when the fashion industry “freezes” for many months?

– Before, I worked continuously, rarely resting. If I didn’t do the catwalk, I would go to the cinema, be a judge of beauty contests, model or take lookbook, shoot commercials… Suddenly, now I’ve stayed in one place, at least for the past four months. . All plans have been postponed, including the two most important projects, the movie Quynh Hoa Nhat Da produced by me and a big beauty contest I was invited to participate in. But, I’m not complaining, because compared to what many people are facing due to the pandemic, I’m probably still lucky.

The handshakes of Thanh Hang and Cong Tri. Video: synthetic

– How do you remember the catwalk, the atmosphere behind the scenes of the shows?

– There are things that used to be familiar such as food, clothes and everyday wear, only to remember when they are far away. During the days at home, I flipped through old articles and photos to recall the noisy, buzzing atmosphere behind the scenes. Everyone is busy with their own roles, but everyone is happy to work, meet each other to greet and laugh. I remember the feeling of dancing on high heels, walking step by step to the music, the heavy clothes to wear, or the false eyelashes that wanted to fall down but still had to wear them for hours.

I also remember the flash of the lenses hitting my face while I was posing. I crave the audience’s applause for the designer and us at the end – when I can breathe a sigh of relief and smile on the show. Nearly 20 years in the profession, we have never been away from the stage for so long. There are times when I miss it terribly, but I always tell myself those feelings will come back soon, just be patient.

Thanh Hang made a vedette in the Fashion Voyage show in Phu Quoc in March. Photo: Kinh Can

Thanh Hang made a vedette in the Fashion Voyage show in Phu Quoc in March. Photo: Glasses

– Succeeding in many fields, why do you still give so much love to the catwalk, where the vedette is only symbolic?

– I work in many different roles, income also comes from many sources. The modeling profession shaped me, loved me, and gave me many opportunities to develop. Mentioning fashion is referring to Thanh Hang and vice versa. I use this mind to treat manufacturers, designers or anyone with the same passion.

With regular shows, if the designers pay the salary according to my value, they can’t afford it. But I see them cherishing me, wanting my image to be included in their collection. Saying I don’t need the money is not either. But when I’m happy, I make decisions that don’t depend on numbers. The joy of supporting the country’s fashion is also incalculable.

– How do you think the modeling profession is damaged compared to other jobs in showbiz during the epidemic?

– Singers can livestream for hours to sing and interact with the audience or shoot MV at home. But we models can’t just wear clothes around the house to avoid missing the job.

These days, everyone is tightening their spending, saving more. Few people think about buying new clothes or watching shows. Fashion is now a luxury. The catwalks or photo studios have also stopped working in the past few months, significantly affecting the model’s income. Some young people have turned to online businesses to make money.

I see all of that. At this time, any of us face difficulties, losses or losses. But most of all, I think that while you can keep your life and health, rebuilding is not difficult. I also started from empty hands. Then there will be adjustments and reasonable calculations for the new normal period of society, and I believe everyone will adapt.

– How do you evaluate the model of the show without audience, livestream in the future?

– Actually, acting online is just a temporary solution. Performance artists need space, need real energy between themselves and the audience. Direct person-to-person interaction always brings more emotion and value. For example, I claim to be someone who can’t keep up with the livestream trend. I’m not used to opening the phone screen, just seeing myself in it and talking to myself laughing. Occasionally, I shoot a video and post it on social media, but livestreams are rare.

Thanh Hang cycled from home to Diamond Island (Thu Duc city).  Photo: character provided

Thanh Hang cycled from home to Diamond Island (Thu Duc city). Photo: character provide

How is your life during the four months of separation?

– Some people will say that I am strong, but everything has a reason. Compared to the doctors and nurses who are treating patients day and night or frontline staff, it is fortunate that we can stay at home. I understand this, so I train myself to adapt quickly. Unable to project energy outside, on the runways, I turned inward to slow down and deepen my life. I create my own spiritual fulcrum.

I meditate, practice yoga, read books, study movies, cook, embroider… When I get bored with something, I find alternative activities. In the past time, I have read all five thick books, cooked quite a lot of salty and sweet dishes. My friends often tease me, I already have all the qualities of a good wife, just waiting for the translation to end is “married” (laughs).

Thanh Hang embroidered while staying at home to avoid the epidemic.  Photo: character provided

Thanh Hang embroidered while staying at home to avoid the epidemic. Photo: character provide

– What is the first thing you will do when the distance is over?

– I eagerly count down each day. When I can move freely, I want to visit my family first after months of not seeing each other in the same city. After that, I will check out the new house that is under construction, solve some outstanding work. I am not in a hurry to go to crowded places or travel, but will wait until the epidemic is completely controlled.

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