Tennis star Bernard Tomic makes sex tape with Vanessa Sierra

Bernard Tomic (28) has, without question, an outstanding talent as a tennis player.

Now the world can also get an idea of ​​how much talent he has as a porn actor. With his new girlfriend Vanessa Sierra (25) the Australian can be seen on the online platform “onlyfans” in a film with explicit content.

Zero sex for Tomic!

Vanessa, who is one of the stars of the platform and became famous for the Australian edition of the reality show “Love Island”, posted a photo of herself on Instagram. Then she lies on her stomach, wearing only a thong. Behind her lies an at least half-naked Tomic, who is biting into Vanessa’s butt cheek.

Vanessa writes: “Oops, I convinced Tomic to do something bad. Go to my website to see the video. Sorry, mommy. “

In the Australian radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”, the TV star confirmed that she and her new boyfriend were active on the platform for relevant content: “It was his idea, I didn’t have to convince him at all. He just decided to join me. “

Vanessa posted this photo from a slumber party with friends on Instagram – her Tomic was also therePhoto: instagram / vanessa5ierra

Tomic would have liked as much bite as Vanessa’s butt on the tennis court. The Australian was considered a huge talent and won a match in the main draw of the Australian Open at the age of 16. So far, he has brought in around six million euros in prize money.

But again and again he caused scandals!

Bernard Tomic only ranks 226 in the world rankings

Bernard Tomic only ranks 226 in the world rankingsPhoto: Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

His driver’s license was stripped from him several times in Australia, and he was arrested at a hotel in Miami for disturbing the peace at night. In several matches on the tour, he listlessly hit balls around when he was hopelessly behind. In 2018 he took part in the Australian jungle camp – and gave up there too early.

Maybe Tomic has now found his new calling …


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