Tennis: Rafael Nadal wins French Open against Novak Djokovic

Was that the best Nadal ever?

Spain’s superstar Rafael Nadal (34) won the duel between the tennis giants and secured his 13th French Open title. He not only underlined his supremacy as the king of the clay court, but also literally demonstrated the number one in the world, Novak Djokovic (33).

Particularly impressive: Djokovic played mostly really good tennis, but still had no chance at the Nadal gala. In the end it was 6: 0, 6: 2 and 7: 5 for the Spaniard.

Eurosport expert Boris Becker (52) decided after sentence 2: “I’ve never seen Nadal so strong and so constant!”

With his 20th Grand Slam triumph, Nadal also drew level with record holder Roger Federer (39).

Nadal: “But I’m not thinking about that today. For me the most important thing is the Roland Garros victory. Here I experienced the most important moments of my career, this tournament inspired me. “

“Blitzstart” from Nadal

The Spaniard already presents in the first sentence – and how! The first service games are all hotly contested, with long, high-class rallies. In the end, however, Nadal always has the better answer.

A really good playing Djokovic is 0: 4 behind against Nadal in over-form after half an hour. Becker’s first conclusion: “An incredibly high level. I haven’t seen anything much better on sand. ”

Because Djokovic continues to wobble on his own serve and receives a third break, Nadal makes the 6-0 perfect shortly afterwards. A humiliation for number one in the world!

“Sorry for today,” said Nadal after the game on the pitch.

Seldom so without a chance: Novak DjokovicPhoto: Julian Finney / Getty Images

Djokovic has no chance

It takes almost an hour until Djokovic can decide a game for himself – 1-0 lead in set 2. The Serb plays offensively and courageously, trying to get Nadal into problems with his stops. Becker: “That is a clear tactical measure. He will look for the shorter rallies ”.

But: it doesn’t help him anything. Nadal is unstoppable, Djokovic takes off the next two service games and marches away to 5: 1. With the 6: 2 Nadal bags the 2: 0 set lead. In an hour and 40 minutes, Nadal makes just six (!) Unforced mistakes. Record breaking!

“One of the best finals of all time”

Djokovic could hardly play it better – and is still overrun. Eurosport chief commentator Matthias Stach: “This is one of the best Roland Garros finals of all time”. And the result? “You can hardly believe it …”

It is remarkable that Djokovic tries again and again and not desperately. The reward: a balanced 3rd set. The Serbian won two service games in a row for the first time – and after 2 hours and 10 minutes also the first (re) break to 3: 3.

The Djoker roars out his joy – and this time can keep the sentence open at least until 5: 5. Then he sealed the 5: 6 with a double fault.

A few minutes later it says: game, set, gala, Rafael Nadal! Admirer Becker: “Nadal is unique. There will never be a player like that again. “

For Nadal it is also the 100th game win at the French Open – with only two defeats. In a direct duel with Djokovic, Nadal shortened the balance in the 56th comparison to 27:29.

The Serbian, however, has to accept his first regular defeat in his 39th match of the year. Previously, Djokovic was only eliminated through a disqualification at the US Open.


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