Telework without breaking your back: advice from Bernadette de Gasquet, doctor and yoga teacher

Between the generalization of telework in often acrobatic conditions, and the lack of exercise due to movement restrictions, back pain, this disease of the century, made, with the incidence of variants and the lack of vaccines, a noticeable return in all conversations. According to a study by Public Health France published in October 2020, more than 10% of workers who had hitherto been free from it would even have declared low back pain during confinement. And that is not likely to get better!

We therefore asked Bernadette de Gasquet, yoga teacher and trainer to give us some advice to avoid breaking your back while telecommuting. This septuagenarian alert discovered yoga at the age of 24 when she was starting a career in telecoms. Late on, ” in order to be able to dialogue with the medical profession and rely on a scientific basis ” in the exercise of her discipline, she began studying medicine and obtained her medical degree. At 47!

But laughing, she admits that the faculty has taught her nothing about the human body and its joints that she did not already instinctively know. Author of numerous works for the general public, notably in 1994 “Well-being and maternity”, now published by Albin Michel, she became known to the sports world in 2003 with “Abdominaux, stop the massacre”. More recently, she published, still with Albin Michel: “ To put an end to back pain ” (2016). This book of more than 200 alt pages

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