Technology breakdown! – Dynamo Dresden breaks off the meeting

It hadn’t really started yet, by then it was over again …

Scandal at Dynamo Dresden!

The general meeting of the association, which took place digitally for the first time due to Corona, was canceled without result. Reason: technical problems.

It should start at 10 o’clock. But right from the start there were always disruptions. First with the picture and sound quality, then it was not possible to vote. Feverish attempts were made to get the technology going again – in vain!

At 12:10 p.m. the meeting was broken off!

Dynamo President Holger Scholze (49) shocked: “We are incredibly embarrassed about what we had to experience in the past two hours. The club did everything possible to prepare this meeting professionally. But there are the pitfalls of technology. “

How does it go on now? Not clear! Scholze: “We will have to do more work on how we will and must proceed now.”


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