Taxes 2022: all about your tax return

When to declare your income? How to make your declaration? In what time frame? Is it still possible to declare income on paper? Update on the instructions for the 2022 tax campaign.

The 2022 tax campaign begins this Thursday, April 7. Will you need to complete an income tax return? In what time frame? Le Figaro make the point.

Do I need to complete a tax return?

Nearly two years after the introduction of the withholding tax, the declaration of income tax remains compulsory but has been automated for certain households. For these taxpayers, no declaration to complete: the tax authorities base themselves on the information already known. If all the information provided by the tax authorities is correct and complete, the tax return is automatically validated.

To find out if you can benefit from this automation, check that:

  • your pre-filled declaration includes all of your income and expenses,
  • you have already filed a tax return the previous year,
  • you have not made any changes to the declaration of the previous year, in particular with regard to the income pre-filled by the tax authorities.

In 2020, it was necessary not to have notified the tax authorities of any change of address or family situation in 2019 to benefit from the automatic declaration. This is no longer the case since 2021. The automatic declaration is now accessible to people who declared in 2020 a birth, an adoption, alimony, or the collection of a minor child.

Taxpayers eligible for this automated system will be notified by post or e-mail. They will obviously be able to make changes to their declaration if certain data has become obsolete.

It should be noted that even if taxpayers have the possibility of declaring automatically, it is not an obligation. It is possible to continue declaring and correcting your declaration as before.

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From when to file your taxes for 2021?

Online declaration is possible from this Thursday, April 7. Taxpayers who still receive their tax form on paper should receive it within the same period.

What is the deadline for submitting my declaration?

The deadlines for the online declaration and the paper declaration have been officially announced by the tax authorities.

Regarding the paper declaration, the deadline is Thursday, May 19, regardless of place of residence.

The deadline for sending the online declaration varies, depending on your department of residence:

  • Wednesday May 24, 2022 for residents of zone 1 (departments from 01 to 19) and non-residents
  • Tuesday, May 31, 2022 for those in zone 2 (departments from 20 to 54)
  • Wednesday, June 8, 2022 for those in zone 3 (departments from 55 to 976).

Can I still file my taxes on paper?

Since 2019, online reporting has been mandatory for all taxpayers, as long as their home has internet access and they are able to complete it. And since 2020, it has become impossible to receive a pre-filled paper declaration if you have already declared online the previous year.

Bercy’s objective is therefore to generalize the online declaration as much as possible. But a few exceptions remain:

  • People who live in a white zone will be able to send their tax return in paper version until 2024,
  • People whose main residence is not equipped with Internet access can also opt for the paper form,
  • People whose main residence is well equipped with internet access, but who are unable to make their declaration (if they are elderly or have a disability in particular), may do the same.

How to print the paper form?

Persons authorized to complete a paper declaration will normally receive declaration n°2042 or n°2042 C by post. It is also possible to download the declaration forms in PDF format for printing. To date, the printable declaration form for 2022 is not yet available, but it should soon be downloadable from a page on the website.

What are the remedies?

If you realize afterwards that you have made a mistake in your tax return, you can modify it at any time if it was made online. The tax services advise making this change before the filing deadline. After this period, you will have to make a corrective declaration.

If you have filed a paper version of the declaration and wish to modify it, you must inform your public finance center by post or by filing a new declaration.

What are the main new features of the 2022 declaration?

As every year, certain tax rules have changed in 2022 compared to last year. Among the main novelties, we find the 10% increase in the mileage allowance scale, announced by Jean Castex last January. The exemption ceiling for the sustainable mobility package increases from 400 to 500 euros, and even to 600 euros if it is combined with the payment by the employer of the public transport subscription.

Tax credits have also been created for a first subscription to the press (at the rate of 30%), as well as for the installation of an electric car charging station (equal to 75% of the amount of the supply expenses and installation, within the limit of 300 euros). In addition, all widows of veterans over the age of 74 can now benefit from the additional half tax share.

Other exceptional measures have also been extended this year, such as raising the donation ceiling to 1,000 euros – for the benefit of organizations providing free meals or care to people in difficulty or fighting against domestic violence -, giving right to tax reduction at the rate of 75%. Ditto for professional expenses and allowances paid by employers for home teleworking, exempt up to a limit of 580 euros per year.


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