Swallow instead of penalty – referee saves Prussia’s victory

Tick ​​off, take the points, and go on. Münster’s 1-0 in Bergisch Gladbach – an unspectacular work success. But sooo happy in the end …

Swallow instead of a penalty whistle. Referee saves Prussia’s victory!

Biggest excitement of the game in stoppage time. The hard-working Meguru Odagaki (23) penetrates the guests’ penalty area for the harmless but never plugging home side, goes to the ground screaming loudly in a duel with Jannik Borgmann (23) (90th + 1). A little too theatrical for referee Tobias Severins (28). He does not point to the point, but the Japanese the yellow card.

Luck for the Prussians, who had expected a penalty themselves. Borgmann honestly: “I definitely met my opponent, but he apparently arranged for me beforehand.” Defense chief Simon Scherder (27 / saw the 5th yellow card) just shrugged his shoulders: “A 50:50 decision. This time we benefited … “

Prussia’s defense chief Simon Scherder (left) saw the 5th yellow in Bergisch Gladbach, so he has to pause next Saturday against SV StraelenPhoto: Revierfoto

And through the goal of “Joker” Jules Schwadorf (28) in the regional league table, the connection to the top. After a slightly missed 16-meter shot by Okan Erdogan (22), he spiked the ball into the net in front of SSV keeper Dennis Lohmann (30) (62nd).

Otherwise there were hardly any significant chances on either side. Apart from Joel Grodowski’s (23) pale cross-Streichler’s (18th) in the first round. But a lot of struggle and spasm. Prussia trainer Sascha Hildmann (48): “Our passports were too imprecise, the playground too slow. But the bottom line is an important threesome. “

Thanks to Schwadorf and referee Severins …


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