Summer holidays: flights up to 25% cheaper than a “normal” year

As they feared desertion of passengers from their planes, airlines have pulled prices down to attract travelers.

Certainly, not all lights are green for travel this summer. The resumption of the epidemic, particularly in Great Britain but also in Tunisia, Portugal, Israel and Russia, does not encourage optimism. However, at the heart of this strange summer has crept in good news, rather unexpected until then: the price of air travel is considerably lower than in 2019, the year which served as a reference for a survey conducted by the comparator. Skyscanner flights for JDD.

In detail, a return trip to Spain, from France, will be worth 158 euros in July and 190 euros in August, against 193 euros and 224 euros respectively two years ago, i.e. decreases between 15% and 18%. For a trip to Greece, it will take 313 or 364 euros this year for a return trip in July or August. This is 9 to 10% less than in 2019. For Tunisia, which recently had to reconfigure a good part of its territory, the tariffs fell from 444 euros in August 2019 to 335 euros in 2021, a decrease of 25%. Finally, for Italy, the drop is also between 24% and 26% depending on whether the departure is in July or August (136 euros or 166 euros this year, 177 euros or 225 euros in 2019). Only one summer destination escapes this rule: Corsica, for which the price of air connections has fallen from 218 euros in 2019 to 241 euros this year.

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The King of Morocco intervenes in person

Airlines seem to have bet everything on filling their planes, even if it means cutting back on their margins. “The number one priority was to make people travel again, explained Nicolas Henin, Deputy Managing Director of Transavia. Our interest is more than ever to fly our planes and our crews. ” In some countries, the subject has sometimes been traced to the highest levels: in Morocco, King Mohammed VI intervened himself to put an end to the prices he considered too high from the company Royal Air Maroc. According to the JDD, in one night, after setting up low-cost flights to reach the country, 120,000 tickets were sold … Enough to give ideas to other companies.

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