Strict local administration on bank employees during coronal period, demand for intervention from center

During this period of Corona transition, the strictness of the administration regarding lockdown and restrictions are overshadowing the functioning of the bank and its employees. Banks have complained that the local administration i.e. the state administration is forcibly closing the bank branches. Employees are being mistreated and they are not being allowed to work. This has affected banking services in many states. In view of such cases, banks had sent a complaint to the Finance Ministry. After this, the Finance Ministry has written a letter to the Chief Secretaries of the states asking them not to obstruct the functioning of banks and & nbsp; to ensure the safety of the bank employees.

Local administration is disrupting the work of banking employees & nbsp;

In a letter written by the Ministry of Finance, it has been said that in many states, the local administration is not allowing the bank branches to work in order to strictly follow the lockdown. They are being forced off. In this crisis, bank workers are risking their lives so that banking services are not disrupted and common people do not face any problem. But at many places these employees are being mistreated with & nbsp; They are not being allowed to work. The Indian Bank Association has asked banks to open banks from 10 am to 2 pm in view of the safety of the employees.

Ministry of Finance states & nbsp; Letter written to & nbsp;

The Finance Ministry has said that since the bank employees have to work in the bank branches only, so allowing them to reach there unabated is also a big issue. Right now they are being stopped in many places. Work is also not being allowed in branches. Bank employees have difficulty in maintaining the continuity of essential banking service. Two letters have been written to the states by the Finance Ministry, but so far no steps have been taken to vaccinate the bank employees. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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