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Season one and four “Stranger Things” focuses on explaining the origin of the reversed world – the residence of ghostly creatures of the film franchise.

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The publisher released the first seven episodes season four Stranger Things – the most popular movie brand of the Netflix, continuation of the story of the previous parts. In 1986, the life of a group of friends in the town of Hawkins changed a lot when entering high school. Joyce Byers brings Eleven, Will, and Jonathan to California after the disaster at the end of season three. Meanwhile, the rest of the members continue their lives in Hawkins and get to know other people new friend.

Trailer “Stranger Things 4”. Video: Netflix

The scenario can be divided into four main lines. After losing her superpower, Eleven had a hard time adjusting to her new environment in California. Getting into legal trouble, she agreed to follow Dr. Sam Owens to shelter in Nevada, where Dr. Martin Brener was working on a top secret project. The two want to restore Eleven’s strength, in order to deal with the risk of demons in the reversed world (The Upside Down) wanting to attack humans. She agrees and must relive the horrifying memories of the time at the Hawkins laboratory run by Dr. Brener.

The second film route revolves around the group of Mike, Will, Jonathan and their new friend Argyle in California. After Eleven follows Dr. Owens, the friends follow the trail to save her. However, they are suddenly pursued by a group of agents of unknown origin.

Meanwhile, Dustin, Max, Erica, Steve, Nancy, Robin and Lucas stay in Hawkins. Eddie Munson – Dustin’s new friend in high school – is suspected of murder in a case caused by demons in a reversed world. The group tries to help Eddie hide, while also following clues about the portal to the Upside Down world.

Stranger Things season four brings Eleven (right) back to Dr. Brener.  Photo: Netflix

Season four “Stranger Things” brings Eleven (right) back to Dr. Brener. Image: Netflix

Joyce Byers and Murray Bauman find a way to save Hopper after discovering where he is being held. Meanwhile, the former sheriff of the town of Hawkins befriends other prisoners, trying to escape. Hooper and his new teammates must overcome the challenge of defeating a monster of the reversed world.

The four stories take place in parallel, making the length of the episodes of season four longer than the previous seasons. The audience needs to pay attention if they don’t want to miss the details in the film’s circuit. The team succeeded in linking the individual story lines. Each group has its own mission to help viewers better understand the world Stranger Things. In it, two movie routes about Eleven and the group of friends in Hawkins are closely related to the main circuit of all four parts. The two lines of Mike’s team and Hooper police revealed that the film’s story will be expanded with new contexts and characters in the following parts.

Devil Vecna ​​- the main antagonist in season four of Stranger Things.  Photo: Netflix

Devil Vecna ​​- the main antagonist in season four “Stranger Things”. Image: Netflix

Seven episodes continue to expand and explain the mysterious stories of the world Stranger Things. The crew revealed a lot of information about the characters and events of the previous parts. Among them, the most prominent is Eleven’s past and her connection to the reversed world. Many other details have been clarified including the origin of the gates of hell, the origin of the demon Vecna ​​or the massacre at the Hawkins laboratory.

The film introduces many new characters to the universe Stranger Things. Most quickly made a strong impression on the audience like Eddie Munson, Henry Creel (001), Argyle… Besides the female lead Eleven, Max and Dustin are two characters that attract attention through the episodes. Actress Sadie Sink has a lot of land to exploit Max’s psychological transformation after the loss of a loved one last season. Gaten Matarazzo shows good humor and Dustin’s intelligence when constantly making accurate judgments about the reversed world, rescuing teammates from danger.

Dustin (blue shirt) and a group of friends go to explore the portals to the reversed world.  Photo: Netflix

Dustin (blue shirt) and a group of friends go to explore the portals to the reversed world. Image: Netflix

The team continued to put many details inspired by the American culture of the 1980s into the work. Sheet Vulture new character Eddie is a typical example. The boy is the president of the Dungeons & Dragons game club, passionate about heavy metal music – outstanding cultural products of the era. this. Many songs, movies of the 1980s such as Running Up That Hill, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)… used. The charm of the movie helps Running Up That Hill topped the Billboard charts after 37 years of release. Audiences can also see images of typical items and characters of this period such as VHS tapes, movie posters, etc. Top Gun, Amiga computer…

Season four also increased the level of horror, action scenes as the cast of characters matured. In supernatural scenes, jump scare is used more. The team also drew inspiration from some classic horror works such as The Silence of the Lambs, A Nightmare on Elm Street nice The Ring. The appearance of the team of mysterious agents chasing Will and the group of friends promises that the following parts will have more shooting and chasing scenes.

Part One Stranger Things 4 received positive feedback from the audience and critics after its release, achieving a fresh score of 89% out of Rotten Tomatoes. Most think that the film’s content is darker, more complex and more attractive than previous seasons. Some comments criticized the tempo of the film, which was difficult to follow, and many lengthy passages.

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