Squid Game, superheroes, witches: Halloween promises to be juicy for costume vendors

After a 2020 edition under the sign of Covid-19, costume sellers are benefiting in particular from the craze for Netflix series.

I came to buy makeup, but when I see the world … Too bad“. In front of a costume shop in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, this young client threw in the towel. And for good reason: a long line of several dozen people winds along the sidewalk. This Friday afternoon, latecomers are therefore waiting in the rain, in the hope of obtaining their precious disguise for the holidays during the long weekend.

In the street, a young woman waits her turn, umbrella in hand. Coming with her grandmother, she is looking for a costume of “policewoman or angel“. Behind, a young woman wants to make up herself in “witch“. In front of the store, the manager has set up a stand on which catalogs are displayed: customers can consult it in order to speed up their passage inside. “It’s been like this since this morning, comments a young employee. And it’s gonna go on all weekend“.

In front of several Parisian shops, customers lined up to get a precious disguise. WGB / Le Figaro

A few streets further on, in front of another shop, a security guard filters the entrance. Here, too, customers are lining up. A thirty-something who came to buy a cook’s outfit – “a delirium between friends»- will have to wait a few minutes. “I should have ordered on the internet», Sighs a client.

In view of these scenes, Halloween 2021 promises to be a good vintage. Several actors feel it: after a year 2020 placed under the sign of the second confinement, the French want to have fun, to please their children. The calendar plays, the holiday falling on Sunday, before a bank holiday Monday. A long weekend which is good. “There is a real revival this year», Rejoices La Grande Récré, which has observed an increase in sales. The same goes for the Cdiscount e-commerce platform: “after a half-hearted 2020 edition, the French are preparing to celebrate Halloween this year», We explain.

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Netflix, the new kingmaker of disguise

In addition to traditional costumes of witches, fairies and monsters, others from world-famous cinematographic universes, such as the Americans Marvel, DC and Warner. There are also newcomers who have landed with a bang: the series of the titan Netflix have thus provided, for a few years, the characters whose costumes are the most sold. On Amazon, the best seller in the clothing category is a mask from the phenomenon series Squid Game . A little further in the list there is also a mask appearing in La Casa de papel . “The series’ red robber outfit was our bestsellers for Halloween 2019 and 2020», Notes the seller of a store in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Beside him are the outfits of the prisoners and guards of the Korean series, now known worldwide.

At Cdiscount, we also see a strong enthusiasm for “Joker or Harley Quinn costumes», As well as masks adorned with Led. “The trend Squid Game is the most significant this year; it comes to replace the trend Casa de papel and should last beyond Halloween», We add.

Madness Squid Game is also observed at Jour de fête: the brand based near Clermont-Ferrand, which has 56 stores in France and Belgium, has just received the disguises of the series. “Customers called our stores a lot, booked the costumes a lot», We say. Like its competitors, the company had to fight to secure supplies from Asian factories. The demand, which was enormous, also came late, with the success of the series having spread around the world only a few weeks ago. What to increase the tensions on the production chains.

Within an hour, one of our suppliers had sold all of its 6,000 masks»Going with the costume, notes our interlocutor. The store chain received its first supplier proposals on 1er October, but “it had been going up for 15 days“. Her agents in Asia sensed the right thing, and warned her in time. Experience has played out: since the meteoric success of La Casa de papel, whose costume was the bestseller of 2018 and 2019, “we understood that Netflix could be very strongTo influence trends: Jour de fête therefore immediately positioned itself to order costumes.

A strategic celebration for the sector

As for other universes, Harry Potter is still very successful, confirms several dealers, as well as superheroes like the Hulk or Spiderman. At La Grande Récré, we mainly sell Batman, Joker and Wonder Woman costumes for little girls. “We also observe a return to fundamentals, with the vampire and the witch», We see at Jour de fête. The clown costume, on the contrary, is declining, after several years at the head of sales.

Children, for their part, keep more classic trends. On Cdiscount, pirate, princess and ninja costumes are popular. Witches and skeletons are snapping up, says the product director at Oxybul éveil et jeux, Anne Faveau. “Depending on the age group, the disguises will be more or less scaryAnd parents buy accessories to go with their costumes, she adds. The brand also takes advantage of the festival to realize “excellent sales»With themed collector’s books.

The coming long weekend should therefore allow costume sellers to achieve a good turnover. After a year 2020 marked by curfew and confinement, the players in the sector will be able to breathe a little. And the worldwide success of Netflix series is not for nothing.

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